13 plants with yellow flowers

Yellow is a color that attracts the eye. It is the color of the Sun, the king star, one of the elements without which life on the planet would not exist… or not the way it does. That’s why there is nothing like revitalizing a garden, patio or balcony by adding some yellow decorative elements.

In addition, we can consider ourselves lucky, as there are many plants with yellow flowers, large and small, that will give us many joys.


Image – Wikimedia/ Forest & Kim Starr

Ayoyote, also called yellow oleander, India nut, amancay or chilca, is an evergreen shrub native to tropical America whose scientific name is Thevetia peruviana. It reaches an average height of 3 meters, but sometimes it can reach 8 meters. It blooms for a good part of the year if the weather is warm, but for example in Spain it usually does it only in summer. The flowers are yellow and tubular.

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The calendula, annual or perennial herbaceous plant native to the Mediterranean and Asia Minor, belongs to the genus Calendula. It reaches a height of 40 or 50 centimeters maximum, and produces orange or yellowish flowers for most of the year, especially the species Calendula officinalis, called buttercup.

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The dahlia, belonging to the botanical genus Dahlia, is a perennial rhizomatous plant native to Mexico, a country that also considers it as its National Flower. It reaches a height of between 20 and 40 centimeters, and its flowers bloom in spring-summer. These are of different colors; not in vain, it is one of the most cultivated. And of course, they can also be yellow.

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Image – Wikimedia/ Yoko Nekonomania

The freesia, which is a bulbous (actually, more than bulb, which has a corm, which is nothing but the swollen base of the stem with bulges from which sprout leaves) belonging to the genus Freesia. It is native to South Africa, especially the Cape Province, and reaches a height of 30-40 centimeters. It blooms in spring, producing flowers of very cheerful colors, such as yellow or orange, and a sweet aroma.

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The gazania, whose scientific name is Gazania rigens, is a species of perennial herbaceous native to southern Africa. It reaches a height of about 30 centimeters, and produces orange, red, yellow, or bicolor flowers in spring and especially in summer. In addition, these have the peculiarity that they open with the Sun, but on cloudy days they will remain closed.

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The sunflower, whose scientific name is Helianthus annuus, is an annual herb that reaches a height of up to three meters, native to North and Central America. It is also known by the names of calom, marigold, mirasol, tile corn or shield flower, and it is one of the most interesting of the summer. In this season, it produces very large flowers, which can exceed 20 centimeters in diameter, of a magnificent yellow color. After them, you can collect their fruits, which are neither more nor less than pipes.

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The gladiolus, a bulbous belonging to the genus Gladiolus, is native to the Mediterranean area of ​​Europe, as well as South Africa, tropical Africa and Asia. It can reach a height of between 30 centimeters and one meter, depending on the species, and its flowers bloom in summer.

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Image – Wikimedia/ Jan Smith from Brisbane, Australia

The guayacán, whose scientific name is Handroanthus crysanthus (formerly Tabebuia chrysantha ) is a deciduous tree native to the American intertropical zone. It receives other names, such as yellow guayacán or araguaney. It grows between 5 and 7 meters in height, with a trunk of about 60 centimeters in diameter. The flowers are flared and are grouped in dense inflorescences, of a striking yellow color during spring.

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China Soap Holder

Image – Flickr/ jacinta lluch valero

The China Soap, whose scientific name is Koelreuteria paniculata, is a deciduous tree native to East Asia. It reaches a height of 7 meters, and produces yellow flowers grouped in panicles throughout the spring.


The narcissus is a bulbous one belonging to the genus Narcissus, which is native to the Mediterranean region and Asia. It reaches a height of about 50 centimeters, and produces solitary or grouped flowers in umbels during spring.

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China rose

The Rose of China, whose scientific name is Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, and popularly called cayenne, poppy or hibiscus, is an evergreen shrub native to East Asia. It grows to a height of 2 to 5 meters, and produces large flowers between 6 and 12 centimeters in diameter, simple (that is, with a single crown of petals) or double, monochromatic (orange, red, white, yellow), or multicolor.

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The rose bush, belonging to the genus Rosa, is a shrub, climber or not, usually thorny, originating in Asia especially; although we do find some species native to Europe, southern Africa and North America. It reaches a height of between 20 centimeters and 3 meters in height. It produces flowers for much of the year, from spring to fall, which can have a delicious fragrance.

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The tulip is a bulbous plant belonging to the genus Tulipa, native to Asia, Europe and Africa. It reaches a height of about 30-40 centimeters

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