Rainbow or multicolored roses

Rainbow or multi-colored roses are a true natural beauty. They have the power to attract everyone’s attention, and to give any room a very special touch.

Discover how to create your own rainbow roses in a simple way, and without having to invest a lot of money in it. Follow the steps that I am going to give you, and in a short time you will see how you can enjoy your own.

How to get rainbow roses?

In order to have a multicolored rose, the Dutch company River Flowers devised a simple method of coloring its petals, making the roses acquire the colors of the rainbow in a short space of time. To do this, what they did was immerse the stem in various food dyes diluted in water, and using biotechnological processes to control that the colors were also directed to the desired leaves.

According to Peter van der Werken, owner of River Flowers, the Asian continent is where they sell the most. Here in Spain you can order them on request from any florist, even with the colors you want, for a price that ranges between 3 and 8 euros. But if you prefer to save that money, a homemade method that you can do to get your rainbow flowers is the following:

  1. Cut (about 2’5cm from the base up) all the stems you want from your white rose bush
  2. Divide the bottom end 2-4 times
  3. Put a couple of drops of food coloring in individual containers of water
  4. Carefully place each cut part or section of the stem in a different container

Remember that the number of colors chosen must match the number of times the stem has been divided.

Finally, all that remains is to wait You will be able to appreciate some change after 30 minutes, but it may take several days for it to finish turning colorful.

Do rainbow plants exist in nature?

We are extremely lucky to live on a planet with a great diversity of plants, but unfortunately we will not find a rose bush that produces multicolored flowers in any forest, jungle, field, or ultimately, in any natural landscape. Why? Well, plants adapt to the environment in which they inhabit over thousands and millions of years.

Depending on the conditions that exist in the place, its characteristics will change, remaining only those that are really useful for survival. If we take this into account, if there are no rainbow plants, it is simply because that rainbow color is of no use.

Exceptional case: rainbow eucalyptus

Image – Wiimedia/ LukaszBel

We have said that the rainbow color has no use, and it is so, but there is a tree whose trunk is really beautiful. It is the Eucalyptus deglupta species, which lives in Mindanao, New Britain, New Guinea, Seram and Sulawesi. It can reach 75 meters in height, and its trunk is spectacular.

The patches of its bark are falling regularly, exposing the inner bark that is bright green. When exposed, it darkens and turns blue, purple, orange and finally maroon. This is a true rainbow plant . But it is a pity that nothing can resist the cold.

Don’t buy multi-colored rose seeds

For what was commented before. Multicolored roses, being created artificially by humans, using dyes, are not capable of rooting ; And even if they did, they would give white roses because these are the ones that are used to dye their petals with colors.

Those seeds they sell may be rose bushes, but… certainly not rainbows. Sellers of course want to sell, and as soon as they see an opportunity to generate income they exploit it to the fullest, and of course when any of us sees an advertisement for a plant that catches our attention, one of our most common reactions is that of wanting to buy it.

But if we want to avoid spending money on some rose seeds that, genetically, cannot be multicolored, it is best to acquire a white rose bush and follow the steps above to turn them into multicolored. And where to buy a white rose bush? You can get it in nurseries and garden stores, for a price around 10 euros.

What is the meaning of rainbow roses?

Rainbow roses, being of various colors, are an explosion of joy and happiness. A way to have positive feelings. So they are very interesting to decorate the tables of the designated dates, such as birthdays, anniversaries or even births . They can also be given to people who are going through a bad time, to cheer up.

Of course, they are not a good option for weddings, since they are not roses that are related to love, but rather to joy, party, and positivity.

I hope you have learned a lot, and above all, that you enjoy your rainbow roses!

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