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Rose bushes are some of the most historic ornamental plants. For ancient civilizations, such as the Egyptian, Babylonian or Syrian, these flowers were the symbol of beauty. Later, during the Middle Ages, its cultivation was restricted to monasteries, but that, fortunately, changed.

Around 1800, people like Empress Josephine (Napoleon Bonaparte’s wife) had a huge collection. She, for example, is known to have had 650 types of rose bushes in the Gardens of Versailles, where she lived. We can’t show you so many; For this reason, we have selected the most popular ones so that you know them and can enjoy them in your garden.

Rosa banksiae

Image – Wikimedia/ Midori

La Rosa banksiae is a species native to China, particularly in the west and center of the country. It grows as a semi-climbing evergreen shrub up to 6 meters high, which rests on the trunks of other plants, or, if grown in gardens, on lattices, pergolas, or any other surface. It has few or no spines.

Its flowers are yellow and small, no more than 2.5 cm in diameter, but it produces them in such numbers and so early (it is one of the types of flowers that blooms earlier) that they are wonderful. In addition, they are aromatic, smelling of violet.

canine rose

Image – Wikimedia/ Aiwok

La Rosa canina is a plant known by the common name much wild rose. It is a spiny deciduous shrub that grows wild in Europe, Northwest Africa, and Western Asia, reaching 2 meters in height.

From spring to early summer (May to July in the northern hemisphere) pale pink or white flowers bloom, with a diameter of 4 to 6 centimeters. And in autumn the fruit of the rose bush ripens, known as rose hip, with which teas and jams are made.

Damascene rose

La Rosa x damascena, commonly known as pink or pink Castilla Damascus, it is a fruit of the rose hybrid cross between Rosa gallica and Rosa moschata. It is characterized by being a thorny deciduous shrub with an informal appearance, which reaches 2 meters in height.

Its flowers are of good size, since they have a diameter of about 10 centimeters. They are formed by a double crown of pink or red petals, and they sprout only in summer or also in autumn depending on the variety. Thus, while the “Damascena” type will have a short flowering season, the “Semperflorens” type blooms longer.


Image – Flickr/ Enrique Dans

The pitimini rose, also known as dwarf rose or miniature rose, is a type of rose that has been created from a mutation of dwarfism that some old roses and certain hybrids of modern roses had. This rose bush has genes from Rosa gallica and Rosa centifolia, among others.

It is an evergreen shrub that grows around 40 centimeters in height, and produces small flowers of about 2 centimeters in diameter with a great diversity of colors (red, white, pink, orange,…).

Gallica rose

The Rosa gallica is a species known as the rose of Castile, the rose of France or the rose of Provins, and is native to central and southern Europe to western Asia. It grows as a thorny, deciduous shrub about 2 meters high. It produces pink flowers 4-5 centimeters in diameter formed with petals that give off a sweet scent every spring.

English rose

The English rose is a thorny, deciduous shrub whose scientific name is Rosa glauca. It is a species native to the mountainous regions of central and southern Europe. It grows between 1.5 and 3 meters in height, and its leaves have a beautiful blue-green color. During spring it produces light pink flowers, which are about 4 centimeters in diameter.


By the popular name rosehip three species are known: one is Rosa canina, which we have already told you about, and these other two:

Rubiginous rose

La Rosa rubiginosa (now Rosa rubiginosa ) is a native deciduous and thorny bush of Europe. It can grow to a height of 2 meters, with thin, flexible stems. It produces pink or pinkish-white flowers that give off a musky smell.

It is widely used, not only as an ornamental plant but also as a medicinal plant, since the famous rosehip oil, which turns out to be ideal for better healing wounds, is extracted from the seeds of this plant.

Rose moschata

Image – Flickr/ 阿 橋 HQ

La Rosa moschata, known as musky pink, is a thorny bush that is believed native to the Himalayas. It reaches 3 meters in height, and blooms from late spring to fall. Its flowers are white and aromatic, with an aroma reminiscent of musk.

Have you been wanting to know more? Well, click below and we will tell you how to take care of the rose bushes so that they are perfect all year round:

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