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How to choose plastic pots?

When growing plants , plastic pots are one of the essential accessories that cannot be missing. If they are chosen well, they are very durable, as well as beautiful, so they are interesting to have.

However, they are often not given the maintenance they need, and sooner rather than later end up being taken to the recycling bin. So that this does not happen to you, below we are going to give you many tips on how to choose them.

What are plastic pots? Why buy them?

Today we find pots of many types, clay, porcelain, recycled, and plastic. The latter are highly recommended, since they are made of a light material and can also be durable. As if that were not enough, they have a much lower price than others, something that is undoubtedly good news when you want to grow a large number of plants, as is what happens to collectors for example.

There are many models, of which there are more and more, that are specially designed to be outdoors, and that even have details that make them extraordinarily decorative pots. These are made of a reinforced plastic that makes them last longer without spoiling at all, so they are ideal for outdoor plants.

Selection of the best plastic pots

Brand characteristics Price
The Ho

Made from recycled plastic, this pot is ideal for small plants that don’t take up much space, such as culinary herbs or lots of flowers.

It measures 13 x 12cm, and has some holes in the base to drain the water.

€ 1.99

Get it here


This beautiful outdoor plastic pot is ideal for young and/ or small plants.

It has holes for drainage and measures 25 x 20cm.

€ 5.22

Get it here

Growth Technology

Do you grow epiphytic orchids, like Phalaenopsis? If so, you need clear plastic pots, like this one.

With quite large drainage holes and a size of 21 x 20cm, they will grow wonderfully.

€ 8.76

Get it here

Hum Flowerpots

This pot is perfect for those who want both the plant and the container to look spectacular. It is ideal for outdoors, but can also be used indoors.

Its measurements are 22 x 22cm, so do not hesitate to plant flowers, herbs and plants of medium size.

10 €

Get it here


If what you are looking for is a square plastic pot, this one is especially nice, being anthracite in color. In addition, it is resistant to frost and carries protection against ultraviolet rays.

With a size of 26 x 30cm, you can plant bulbs, flowers, and even make small succulent plant compositions.

€ 16.99

Get it here

Terra hiker

Do you want a pot that will last you for many years, with an imitation of terracotta? This is ideal for you.

It measures 45 x 35.8cm and has holes in the base, so bulbous, flowers, and even garden plants can grow in it.

€ 28.78

Get it here

How to choose them? Shopping guide

Choosing a plastic pot is a task that is not as simple as it seems. Before deciding on one in particular, it is highly recommended to take into account the following:

Plant/ pot size

Planting a small plant in a large pot is not good, because when it is watered, as there will be much more soil than it needs, the risk of rot is greater; and planting a large one in a small container, well, this is something you cannot do, as it will limit growth.

Ideally, in general, there should be about 2-3cm of separation between the side of the plant and the edge of the pot. If it is one of those that grow fast, like the Sarracenia for example, there may be about 4 and even 5cm of separation; but if they are rather slow, they should not be very wide.

Plastic pot type (indoor/ outdoor)

As we mentioned, there are some that are special, indicated to have them on the terraces, balconies, etc., always outside the house. These are made of a very resistant plastic, which can remain in perfect condition for years. The price is somewhat higher, but if you grow plants in those places… it can pay off.

The conventional ones, which are the ones we find for sale anywhere, and even in bazaars, are made of a finer plastic. They are durable, but up to a point. I can tell you that where I live (south of Mallorca, Spain), the sun is so intense in summer that I usually have to change them every two or three years. But they suit me, because I have many plants .

Pot shape

Although most are rounded, the reality is that you can find triangular, square, tube or barrel shaped. Depending on your preferences, as well as the available space you have, it is easy for you to find the one you like the most and that, with it, you can have a very well decorated home and/ or garden.


Although generally very inexpensive, reinforced plastic ones are a bit more expensive. Thus, while a thin plastic pot of about 5.5 cm in diameter costs you about 0.10 euro cents, that same pot with reinforced plastic may cost you about 0.50 or 0.60 euro cents. The difference is small, but if you want to save, it is something that you have to take into account.

Where to buy plastic pots?


In this large online shopping center they sell everything, including this type of pots. Its catalog is very wide, so it is undoubtedly advisable to take a look since you can also read the opinions of other buyers.

Leroy Merlin

The Leroy also have a wide variety of plastic pots, at prices that are quite inexpensive. You can buy them directly in physical stores, or from their website.


If from time to time you go to the Ikea, or need something from there, it is advisable to also look at its plastic pots. As in the Leroy Merlin, you can buy them in store or from their website.

How to make them last longer?

Image – Flickr/ Maja Dumat

Whether you have bought or are planning to buy pots made of reinforced or thin plastic, we recommend that you follow these tips:

  • Put them in a place where the sun does not shine on them all day: the impact of the sun’s rays, over the weeks, months and years, weakens the plastic. So the fewer hours you give it, unless you have UV protection, the better.
  • Give them a coat of light paint: this is especially advisable if they are made of thin plastic. Light colors repel the sun’s rays, while dark ones absorb them, which is why soft colored pots spoil more quickly than those that are black, brown or those dark colors.
  • Put them together: if you have a collection of plants, or a group of them, to make the containers last longer it is interesting – and even beautiful – to group them.

But when you see that they are already spoiling, do not throw them away yet. Cut them into pieces and introduce these inside other pots, covering some drainage holes. This way, the soil will not be lost so quickly every time you water.

We hope you were able to find the plastic pots you were looking for .

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