10 benefits of eating chestnuts

The benefits of chestnuts  are very numerous and we are going to tell you about some in this article. The chestnut , Castanea vulgaris , is the nut of the chestnut and is a dried fruit that is eaten mainly during its season, autumn and winter. Without a doubt, chestnuts are one of those seasonal foods that we love.

Other widely consumed nuts due to their great properties and benefits are almonds , walnuts  or  hazelnuts .

Chestnuts are not eaten raw. In fact, they have some compounds (tannins) that can make us sick to the stomach. How are chestnuts eaten? The roasted chestnuts are delicious and we can also prepare the baked chestnuts recipe . Pilongas (dried), candied, boiled chestnuts are also consumed, and they are also included in cooking recipes such as purees, salads, rice pudding, garnishes, dressings, sweet recipes and even chestnut flour is also made .

We are going to know the nutritional value of these nuts and the properties and benefits of consuming chestnuts.

Nutritional value of chestnuts

Of every 100 grams of chestnuts, just over 40g are water, another 40 are complex carbohydrates, 5g of fat, 4 of vegetable protein and it also provides a large amount of fiber, 7 grams.

But also the chestnut contains vitamins E, Niacin or B3, Pyridoxine or B6, Thiamine or B1, Riboflavin or B2 and folate or B9.

These nuts have potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, zinc, selenium, and iodine.

Chestnuts provide about 225 kcal per 100 grams.

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10 benefits of eating chestnuts

PROPERTIES OF CHESTNUTS 1.- Chestnuts are a satisfying food . In addition to being healthy in their overall composition, chestnuts are a satisfying food due to their fiber and complex carbohydrate content. They can be included, without overdoing it, in weight loss diets.

2.- Chestnuts for healthy teeth and bones . These nuts have calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, both of which help us keep our bone system and teeth in good condition.

3.- Chestnuts stimulate the functioning of our nervous system . Its rich content in minerals and B vitamins make chestnuts an ideal food to contribute to the proper functioning of our nervous system and help prevent neurological disorders or diseases.

4.- Chestnuts for people with diabetes . People with diabetes can benefit from the consumption of chestnuts, since the carbohydrates they have are slowly absorbed and do not produce insulin spikes in the blood.

5.- Chestnuts have all the essential amino acids . The vegetable protein of the chestnut contains all the essential amino acids. Something especially interesting for people who follow a vegan diet, for the elderly and for athletes.

6.- Chestnut flour, a gluten-free food . Chestnut flour can be used to replace other types of flours with gluten, being a very healthy option for celiacs and people with gluten sensitivity and for those who simply want to take care of their health.

7.- Chestnuts have a cardioprotective effect . As good nuts, chestnuts have very healthy fats and provide us with omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids in good proportion. And like any other plant-based food, it has no cholesterol.

8.- Chestnuts for a good intestinal transit . Chestnuts have an excellent amount of fiber that will contribute in a very positive way to different parts of our body. One of them, and very important, is that it will help our bacterial flora to be in optimal conditions and this will affect, among other things, that our immune system works better. But also chestnuts help prevent constipation and ailments and diseases of the large intestine such as diverticulosis or colon cancer.

9.- Chestnuts, healthy food for hypertensive . People with high blood pressure already know that they have restrictions when consuming certain foods. In the case of chestnuts, they can be perfectly consumed due to their low sodium and high potassium content. In fact, they are also beneficial for people who tend to retain fluids due to their diuretic effect.

10.- Chestnuts for anemia . To prevent or improve cases of iron deficiency anemia and tiredness and fatigue, chestnuts are our allies. Being a food with a good supply of iron, combined with some fruit (to provide vitamin C), it helps us in cases of anemia and fatigue.

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