10 flowers that need to be in your garden

So that your garden is full of colors throughout the year, you just have to choose the appropriate flowers. If you don’t know where to start, here is a list of 10 flowers that need to be in your garden . Take note!

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1. Platycodon grandiflorus

These beautiful blue flowers are called snowdrop, balloon flower or parachute flower bluebell. Its flowers are large and appear in summer in white, purple, pink or blue. Plant platycodon grandiflorus in the right place in spring or fall.

2. Lobularia maritime

A colorful and fragrant plant, the maritime lobularia can form a lush carpet in white, purple, or pink. You can also place it in baskets or pots, letting its flowers hang down the sides.

3. Celosia

Stick to the traditional fall color palette with flame-like lattice flowers. Also called cockscomb, velvet, or plume, this plant is an annual plant with green, reddish, or purple leaves and yellow, pink, orange, red, or white flowers.

4. Autumn daisy

The aster or the autumn daisy have more than 500 different species. Like any rustic plant, it is not demanding in its care, as it flourishes in fertile and well-drained soil.

5. Callicarpa

Callicarpa is a fast-growing shrub that looks beautiful in every season, with lilac flowers in spring and bright purple berries that last into winter.

6. Heather

With white, pink or purple flowers, heather carpets large areas with tons of color. Green, bronze, and red foliage also add a touch of winter fun.

7. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums symbolize optimism , joy and longevity. Well, except for the yellow variety … which is associated with “contempt”.

8. Thought

These popular annuals can withstand cool weather while providing a pop of color. The new varieties can even survive light snow.

9. Helenium

The helenium mexicanum is a plant of 80 cm maximum that presents yellow flowers grouped in heads. Its use is important for respiratory diseases and, according to popular belief, if you smell its flowers or put them in your nostrils they will make you sneeze.

10. Heliopsis

With yellow petals and brown centers, “false sunflowers” are native to North America and produce flowers from mid-summer to early fall.

What do you think of these 10 flowers that need to be in your garden ?

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