10 health, social and environmental benefits of buying green products

The organic products , organic or bio are a sustainable alternative consumption grows each year in Spain and the rest of the world. Although it is true that until a few years ago it was difficult (and even rare ) to buy organic , there are more and more options that we have as consumers. A clear example of how society is changing and how that change is reflected in our daily habits.

In fact, organic products are not only one of the best ways to help protect the environment . It is also one of the best options for everyone who is concerned about their health and well-being. As well as for all those who seek to consume with the minimum possible impact .

In this sense, many people choose organic products to promote a market governed by fair trade . Where all the participants in the chain are taken into account, from the raw material to the producer , through all the processors and the customer. Who also wins by obtaining a product that meets all the guarantees of quality and responsibility that he seeks.

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Well, next we are going to see 10 benefits that ecological products have and that we do not find in conventional products.

1. Organic products have a higher concentration of nutrients

Being the most fertile soils and respecting the natural growth rates of plants and animals, organic products have more nutrients. A clear example of this can be found in eggs and in the quality of the omega 3 fatty acids they have.

Also, organic products taste better. Not only because of those “natural times” but because they do not use additives such as monosodium glutamate or artificial flavors.

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2. They do not contain pesticides, chemicals or additives dangerous to health

The second benefit that we find when consuming organic products is that they do not use pesticides, chemical substances or synthetic additives that are harmful to our health and that of the planet. We must not forget that pesticides do not only contaminate raw materials. They also pollute the soils, rivers, seas and oceans, with the negative consequences that this entails (loss of biodiversity, DNA alterations, diseases that are transmitted to subsequent generations …).

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3. Green products are the most responsible option

At the beginning of the post we have already talked about this aspect. However, because it is an environmental, economic and social benefit , it needs to be emphasized. In fact, organic products not only help protect the environment and its biodiversity. It is also a way to contribute to local producers who keep the rural environment alive. And, of course, in many cases it is women who are the protagonists of change.

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bio products

4. They are synonymous with animal welfare

Another benefit of consuming organic is animal welfare. In fact, the positive impact that regenerative livestock has on the planet has been proven . After all, animals are part of the current consumption system, so ensuring their well-being is synonymous with the benefit of all.

5. You avoid consuming GMOs

Earlier we mentioned the pesticides and other chemicals that we usually find in conventional products. However, GMOs (with multinationals such as Monsanto-Bayer at the helm) deserve a different section both for their impact on human health, the environment and socioeconomic risk.

6. Organic products make you feel better

Another benefit of consuming organic or organic is found in our own well-being. Knowing that with our purchases we are choosing respectful options for everyone makes us feel better. Following responsible consumption is the best we can do for our future generations.

7. They support the local economy and small producers

Compared to the large multinationals of the usual consumption channels, organic products are a great support to boost sustainable employment and the local economy . In addition to being fair trade products that respect the rights of workers.

8. They do not contain antibiotics or hormones

Unfortunately, factory farming is characterized by the disastrous way of raising its animals. If before we talked about animal welfare, now we take another step with the treatments that the animals we eat receive. By default and without being sick, the farm animals are “given” a cocktail of antibiotics because they live in crowded conditions and in such small spaces that they catch many diseases throughout their short lives.

In addition, some studies have shown that the use of antibiotics by the livestock industry is partly responsible for the resistance to antibiotics that we find today.

9. They are cheap

Despite what many people believe, organic products are not expensive. The same amount of food provides you with a higher concentration of nutrients. That is, to nourish yourself with conventional foods you have to consume more. Not to mention that the flavor of many conventional fruits and vegetables is insipid because they are grown in low fertile land, with pesticides and once harvested they are stored for weeks in cold stores.

Or have you ever thought about the real cost of conventional production, such as intensive livestock? Both in the short term and in the medium and long term: worse health for the consumer, greater environmental and economic impact, etc.

10. Buying organic products is investing in your health

Finally, organic products are synonymous with health . In fact, this last benefit is a summary of the previous ones. At the end of the day, when we choose products that contain a higher concentration of nutrients, do not contain GMOs and during their cultivation they take care of the environment and biodiversity, we are choosing products that take care of all of us who live on the planet.

And you, do you have any more reason to consume organic products?


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