12 tips for you to eat a sustainable and healthy diet

As the years go by we realize how necessary it is to live sustainably and lead a healthy lifestyle with the least environmental impact. And a sustainable and healthy diet is a very important part of responsible consumption .

We are constantly seeing how the negative effects of pollution on Earth increase: from the massive appearance of plastics in the oceans and seas , the deforestation of forests and jungles , the contamination by pesticides in rivers , to the levels of environmental pollution that are recorded in many cities.

It is necessary that, as consumers, we consider acting and being responsible in the part that falls to us with daily and habitual actions such as the carbon footprint of the products we consume .

Is it correct to live without thinking about tomorrow? It is the question that we should all ask ourselves. And it was precisely from this debate that a new concept emerged: sustainability .

Do you like to take care of yourself? If your goal is to have good health and you like to be well, choose organic fruits and vegetables and take care of yourself from the outside with BIO hygiene and cosmetic products . Remember that ECO food is the best option for you and for nature.

What is sustainable?

Sustainability or sustainable development resonates a lot today, and not without reason. We can say that it is the way to seek the balance of consumption today without risking the resources of tomorrow . It is not only about ecology and economics, but it also understands the environmental and social impact of our purchases.

In other words, sustainability does not depend solely on companies and businesses. The next step we must take if we want to make this world a little bit better is to lead a sustainable life to balance the scales . We can also do our bit.

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That is why we bring you 12 ways to have a sustainable diet to collaborate from your home table with this initiative for a global good.

How to lead a sustainable and healthy diet and life

Buy organic or organic products

At this point, this should not be doubted. When you go to buy ecological, organic or bio products, we support a production that is friendly to the environment, with healthier food and we avoid collaborating with a production system that damages our planet with a cocktail of pesticides and bad practices.


Eat more plant-based foods

In addition to the fact that for health reasons our diet must contain a large amount of foods of plant origin, thinking about the environment we must bear in mind that livestock consumes many more natural resources than the production of fruits, vegetables, cereals , legumes , seeds , fruits dried , algae , etc.

Reduce your consumption of meat

Start small. You can start by eliminating meat from your menu at least one day a week, then only for weekends, and if you are one of the brave … Goodbye to meat! You would be surprised how many vegetarian or vegan dishes are to die for. Do you want another reason? So you have a good excuse to unleash your creativity in the kitchen and have a fun time!

Buy local and seasonal products

Buying local and seasonal products you ensure that your products will arrive fresher, that they have been harvested at the optimal time and therefore have more flavor and are more nutritious.

As if this were not enough, you stimulate the growth of the local economy and the creation of sustainable employment in your area and reduce the environmental footprint of transport that involves consuming products from other countries and even other continents.

Ditch the ultra-processed foods

In addition to not being recommended for a healthy diet, processed foods tend to go in the opposite direction to sustainable development because they contain ingredients such as the well-known palm oil , which is responsible for the deforestation of some areas in Asian countries; or soybeans, which are found in practically all ultra-processed products.

sustainable food

Cultivate your health

Surely you have a little hole in your window, in your patio, on your terrace or even in common areas in your neighborhood where you can set up an urban garden in which you can plant your own food. This way you have the opportunity to learn more about nature and make sure that the food you put on your plate is sustainable and healthy.

Take advantage of your harvests

Have a long-term vision. What you don’t want today, maybe you can take advantage of it soon. Try to get the most out of your food so as not to waste food . In addition to cooking and freezing them, you can make preserves such as jams to take advantage of the food you harvest.

To the stove!

This is the best way to eat in a healthy and sustainable way. Cook yourself. Try to dedicate time to it every week, even if you have a busy schedule, plan your menus. There are thousands of recipes that you can make very easily in less than half an hour to enjoy those organic seasonal foods .

Invest in your kitchen

It seems implausible, but in time you will appreciate having spent a little more on those kitchen accessories that you thought would not be useful. From wood accessories, upcycled cloths and fabrics, even jugs. You will give everything more use than you imagine and save yourself from using plastic and non-reusable utensils.

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Bottled water? It’s over

Even if the tap water in the area where you live is too hard due to the lime content, it is more ecological and economical to place a filter to remove this type of substance that the water may contain. Forget spending money on bottles and more plastic bottles. Not only will you be doing a huge favor to the environment, but also to your pocket and your health because water bottles can have endocrine disruptors .


This is not something you have to do alone. Ask your acquaintances, ask for advice from those who have been doing it for a long time. Everyone will be happy to give you a hand and it may be that you too end up convincing someone to join the cause.


You do it for the world, for future generations. But also for taking care of your health . Have fun! Many of these little tasks can turn into funny anecdotes. One special night a week with the family? A challenge as a couple? How about with friends? If you feel like it, you will have a great time doing something good for the future.

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With 12 simple activities that you can include in your regular routine, you will be making a big change for yourself and everyone. You will start to lead a much healthier life and you will notice the changes much sooner than you think. If you put your mind to it, it can be something different and fun. In the end, you will feel that great satisfaction of knowing that you are doing something good . Who doesn’t like that?

Reasons are not lacking. And if you put it right, surely the motivation won’t either. Are you joining this sustainable challenge ?

Do you want to tell us other ideas to support sustainability from home?

Hit the keys and leave your ideas in the comments!

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