13 natural antibiotics

Natural Antibiotics : When the seasons change or there are sudden changes in temperature, we can strengthen the immune system in a natural way with medicinal plants and with food-medicines that provide us with vitamins and / or minerals of great value to improve our defenses and be able to avoid cold and flu , sore throat , cough and sore throat , sinusitis , etc.

In this article you will discover the most effective natural antibiotics to take care of your health in a natural way and you can also see some videos that we have made so that you know the most remarkable data, do not miss them!

13 natural antibiotics

1.- Rosemary

This plant has a very pleasant smell that is able to stimulate our memory and improve cognitive functions such as memory, learning ability, language, etc.

Both applied externally, in steams, bathrooms, etc. Like making an infusion of rosemary for internal consumption, this great medicinal plant helps you improve your immune system, fight infections, relieves headaches, is invigorating and accelerates recovery in case you are already ill.

You can see more about the properties of rosemary and learn how to make this rosemary alcohol for blood circulation .

Watch this video that I have prepared for you to discover the benefits of rosemary

2.- Vitamin C

The vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is, together with vitamin A and vitamin E , one of the antioxidants found in foods.

The Acai (are one of the fruits with the highest antioxidant content) it has been traditionally used by his great power to strengthen the immune system and fight infection.

And on the other hand we have the fruits of the forest , which are also very rich in terms of vitamin C content and have antibiotic action. Take these foods and they will help prevent or when you notice that the first symptoms of discomfort begin.

3.- Cinnamon

This pleasant spice, which is part of traditional cooking recipes such as rice pudding, French toast or applesauce, has antiseptic action and helps us naturally in cases of infection or respiratory diseases such as bronchitis or flu.

In addition, cinnamon is very interesting because it has an anti-inflammatory and stimulating effect. Read more about the health benefits of cinnamon   .

4.- Licorice, palulú or palo dulce

In addition to being a powerful antacid, improving gastritis and stomach ulcers, licorice infusion is also excellent for stimulating the functioning of the immune system.

It also has an expectorant action, which improves congestion and promotes the expulsion of phlegm. Improves hoarseness and cough.

Another important action of licorice is that it helps relax muscles and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Truly the sweet stick is an exceptional plant with many virtues and health benefits, I recommend you read more about the properties of licorice .

In this video I tell you the most remarkable data of the 13 most remarkable Natural Antibiotics

5.- Garlic

Garlic is surely one of the most popular natural remedies. This powerful natural antibiotic is very effective in fighting colds and flu and, in general, improving the function of the immune system.

It also improves the functioning of the respiratory system, thus improving the recovery of those ailments in which it is affected.

It can be eaten raw or grated on meals. Read more about the properties of garlic and prepare this garlic syrup when you have a cough, flu or congestion.

By the way, did you know that black garlic has even better qualities than conventional garlic? Read about the properties of BLACK GARLIC .

6.- Echinacea

The infusion of echinacea is one of natural antibiotics. But although this medicinal plant is traditionally used to strengthen the immune system to fight against pathogenic microorganisms, it has many more applications and uses that contribute to taking care of health.

It helps us to improve sinusitis, angina, herpes, fever, allergies, cystitis, infections … Read more information about the properties of echinacea .

7.- Cat’s claw

This medicinal plant is another natural, home and traditional remedy with antibiotic action.

This plant stimulates and strengthens the immune system, improving its ability to act against pathogens. It also fights herpes, improves asthma and bronchitis and has an anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant effect.

Read more about the properties of cat’s claw

natural antibiotics

8.- Clove

Although clove is used mainly as a spice in cooking recipes, its therapeutic qualities are more than recognized in popular medicine.

This spice has great antibacterial action and we can also use it as an infusion to combat pathogens. Both the spice itself and the essential oil of cloves are used .

It stimulates the expulsion of mucus from the lungs, fights candida albicans, is anti-inflammatory, helps eliminate parasites and relieves pain due to its analgesic action.

Learn more about the properties of cloves

9.- oregano

Did you know that oregano infusion is an ally of health?

Well, this plant or medicinal herb stimulates the functioning of the immune system. Helps fight bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Oregano can improve coughs, sore throat, flu and related pain.

You want to read more about the benefits of oregano .

10.- Soursop or graviola

This tropical fruit is truly exceptional. Its nutritional qualities are great and it could not be missing from our list of food-medicines because it is a natural antibiotic.

Graviola stimulates the functioning of our immune system against pathogens, being very effective especially in the case of urinary tract infections such as cystitis.

It is also especially beneficial for cases of asthma, arthritis and to improve our intestinal microbiota (so important for a strong immune system).

Learn more about the properties of soursop .

11.- Astragalus

Great natural ally to take care of our immune system.

This medicinal plant strengthens and improves our defenses due to its content of zinc and selenium, two powerful antioxidants.

In addition, astragalus is widely used because it improves cases of tiredness and fatigue, improves conditions of the respiratory system, accelerates the healing and healing of wounds and fights herpes. Not bad, see?

It is interesting to read more about the benefits of Astragalus and to know all its therapeutic uses.

12.- Maca

If, in addition to looking for a natural antibiotic, you want to fight fatigue and have more energy, you need maca.

It also has other medicinal uses that are sure to interest you: it delays aging, prevents prostatitis and improves sports and cognitive performance.

It’s no wonder maca is called Peruvian ginseng .

Learn more about the benefits of maca , an extraordinary root.

13.- Moringa

And we did not want to forget about the MORINGA , known as the tree of life, since it also has numerous beneficial properties, including having antioxidants that increase our natural defenses.

There is a lot to tell about this plant! Learn more about the properties of moringa .

Watch this video about the properties of the MORINGA!

>> He also knows how to improve the immune system through diet .


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