14 natural mosquito repellants for a summer without bites

Oh, the summer! That beautiful time of sun, vacations, rest … And mosquitoes.

Surely you have noticed how these pleasant nocturnal visitors that complicate hot nights for us: mosquitoes.

Some more and others less, but we have all been awake by the sound of a mosquito at dawn. Nobody likes that. And even less when you end up with a body full of uncomfortable bites day after day.

But do not worry that there are natural remedies to repel mosquitoes , and today we will tell you about them.

Why do mosquitoes bite you and how to avoid it?

There are at least 3,000 species of mosquitoes in the world. In fact there are other varieties that we confuse with common mosquitoes and they are not. Of all of them, only three bite us. And sometimes it seems like you have a magnet for these insects and they absolutely all are going for you. Why?

It is true that mosquitoes have some “preferences” when it comes to biting one person or another, let’s put it like this. The biggest culprit could simply be genetics, although other reasons influence, things that attract mosquitoes and that you should avoid as much as possible :

  • Bright light
  • Humidity
  • The carbon dioxide that we exhale when we breathe
  • Black clothing attracts mosquitoes
  • Sweat attracts mosquitoes
  • Sweet smells

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Consequences of commercial repellants

If you are from that group that receives the most mosquito bites during the summer, surely you have wondered what you can do to avoid it. The common thing has always been to use commercial repellants, be they spray, cream, lotion …

Permitted conventional repellants contain a common active known as DEET or diethyl-m-toluamide . This ingredient can have adverse effects, especially if it is used for a long time. Many researchers have found that it is toxic to the central nervous system and that it inhibits the activity of acetylcholinesterase, an enzyme of vital importance to the nervous system.

In some countries, such as Canada, all aerosols with a concentration of more than 30% have been banned.

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Natural mosquito repellants? It’s possible?

It is normal that we want to find a natural option to repel mosquitoes during these months. Not only is it more sustainable, it is also more natural and safer for our body, since they come from products that anyone can find in their kitchen.

Here are some ideas to use as a mosquito repellent this summer:

  • Eucalyptus essential oil

Dilute 3 drops of this oil in a tablespoon of coconut oil or argan oil and apply it to the skin, massaging it until it is absorbed.

  • Apple vinager

You can use it as a hair conditioner and even for clothes. Of course, include it in your meals, especially now that we take more recipes like salads or gazpacho that use vinegar.

  • Garlic

Qualified by some as a superfood and one of the best natural remedies for its qualities as a cure-all , garlic could not be missing from the list of the best natural mosquito repellants. You can rub garlic in areas of the house where mosquitoes enter, around your bed and even, if you look very desperate, on your skin (I say this because the smell can be strong).

  • Lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil is a real wonder. It is one of those natural remedies that we can use for a multitude of issues on a day-to-day basis. In addition, it is one of the few essential oils that can be applied directly to the skin, without diluting it in a base oil, it can have a very pleasant fragrance for us, but very unpleasant for insects. Some studies have shown quite positive effects as a mosquito repellent. In addition, it has great benefits for the skin due to its properties.

  • Cinnamon essential oil

Cinnamon is used for much more than just to add a special touch to your food. According to some recent studies from Taiwan, cinnamon is especially effective against mosquito eggs and larvae, but also as a repellent for adult mosquitoes.

  • Thyme essential oil

This may be one of the best remedies on the list. According to some research, it is more than 90% efficient when used as a lotion to repel insects.

  • Soy oil

Well yes, I was also surprised. With soybean oil you can have a more lasting protection against mosquitoes.

  • Citronella

It is one of the most common and effective natural remedies to repel mosquitoes that can last up to two hours. It is then reapplied if needed.

  • Chamomile

If we mix chamomile flowers (250 grams) in a liter of boiling water, we will make a very effective anti-mosquito lotion. In addition, its aroma is delicious, it will seem that you are in the field.

  • Nails

The advantage of cloves is that you can use it in many ways. You can make an infusion of cloves and apply it directly with your fingertips or with gauze. It has an interesting smell.

Also, if you are camping, remember that the mud prevents mosquitoes from biting you and drives them away. The smoke from the fire also scares them away


Natural mosquito repellants for your home

Don’t worry there are more natural remedies when it comes to repelling mosquitoes. There are also many options for those who prefer an environmental repellent. Not everything is going to be oils and lotions! Take good note:

  • Nails

We said before that nails have more uses. For example, you can poke them into a lemon and let the scent spread throughout the room.

  • Basil

The smell of this aromatic plant will scare away insects in the area, especially if it is strawberry. Make sure that your windows or nearby areas do not lack the basil plants .

  • Fresh mint leaves

Mint leaves already emit an unpleasant odor for mosquitoes. But if we crush them a little and leave them in water, this smell will increase, as well as its effectiveness.

  • Apple vinager

Simply by leaving a glass near the windows, you will already keep mosquitoes well away from your home.

What if they bite me? Natural remedies for bites

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, there is still a brave mosquito that leaves us some gift bites.

If you have sensitive skin and these bites become a bit unbearable, you can try the following: ice, white vinegar, baking soda, or oatmeal. They are all known for their benefits for the skin.

How are you doing with mosquitoes in the summer? Are you one of those who suffer with so many bites?

Tell us if you have tried any of these remedies or if there is something that works perfectly to repel mosquitoes.

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