28 medicinal and aromatic plants to grow at home

Medicinal and aromatic plants can be part of our garden or garden at home because we can grow them in pots at home without complications. A medicinal and aromatic home garden is the ideal way to get into gardening or organic gardening to later continue learning and grow your own vegetables.

Growing aromatic herbs at home to enrich your favorite recipes with delicious flavors and aromas and planting your own medicinal plants to take care of your health is one of the best ways you can spend your time.

We also recommend which organic seeds to use , the best planters, boxes and growing tables for your urban garden and essential books to master everything about organic gardening .

These are the 28 medicinal and aromatic plants that I encourage you to grow at home and if you want to know about their uses and medicinal properties, you just have to click on the name to see more information.

28 Medicinal and aromatic plants to grow at home
Basil Comfrey Mallow Parsley
Aloe vera or aloe vera Dill Chamomile Rosemary
Arnica Echinacea Marjoram Rue
Sagebrush Tarragon Mint Sage
Calendula Hypericum Yarrow Stevia
Milk thistle Lavender or lavender. Oregano Thyme
Cilantro Plantain Nettle Verbena

More about medicinal plants and what they are for .


28 medicinal and aromatic plants that you can grow at home

plant medicinal Important general guidelines that you should take into account when growing your garden of medicinal and aromatic plants:


Preferably start your garden of aromatic and medicinal plants in one of two ways: through organic seeds or with organic seedlings. It is easier and faster to start with seedlings because we will only have to transplant them when we get home and we will soon be able to start using the plants. If you decide to start with the seeds, see how to prepare seedlings and how to transplant .

I advise you to avoid buying the plants they have in supermarkets because they will die quickly and they are a waste of money.


Place the pots or containers in a space where the plants receive at least 5 to 6 hours of light.


Avoid placing your plants in areas where there are drafts because stems and branches can be damaged.


It is important that the soil you use has good drainage. At the base of the planter, place some medium and large stones, then a layer of sand and then fill the rest with a mixture of earth and worm castings or compost.


Be prudent with risks. Most of the time that an aromatic or medicinal plant begins to spoil or to put down, it is because we overdo it with the water. As a general rule, try to put a watering plate or tray under the pot, add the water to the tray and allow it to be absorbed little by little by the plant as needed. When you see that there is no more water in the dish, put a finger in the soil: if you notice that it is wet, wait a couple of days to water, if on the contrary, you notice it dry, you can pour water back into the irrigation dish. .

Pots or containers

To grow aromatic and medicinal plants you do not need pots very deep, with them being 20 cm is enough. What is important is that if you use planters in which you put several plants, you do not overcrowd the space, that is, that you leave enough room for each plant and do not put them too close together. In addition, we have a wide variety of pots to choose from, see here .


2 or 3 weeks after transplanting you can start using your aromatic plants. We will let the medicinal ones grow for 3 more weeks. With clean scissors, carefully cut the twigs you are going to use and they will sprout again. The case of aloe vera or aloe is an exception because for this plant to have all the active principles, the plant must have about two years of life.

I have made you some pictures in which you can see how to organize your pots easily in case they are large and you want to grow several plants in the same container.

28 Medicinal plants

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