3 beautiful and easy-care Asian plants

If you are thinking of renovating your garden, I am sure you will love these 3 Asian plants . They are super colorful and easy to care for. Take note of its characteristics and care!

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The hydrangea , also called Hydrangea macrophylla, is part of the Saxifragáceas family . It is a globose shrub with deciduous foliage; reaches 1, 20 meter in height.

Its leaves are large, simple, 7 to 15 centimeters long and equal in width. Its flowers are white, pink, reddish, and blue arranged in globose inflorescences; appear in spring and summer.

It prefers a loose and humid soil and a full luminosity in partial shade, avoiding the midday sunlight. He loves humid places. Tolerates down to -3 ° C.

Water every 2-3 days without wetting the flowers and fertilize with 2 grams of ammonium sulfate dissolved in 5 liters of water, twice in spring as irrigation. Prune in winter, leaving branches with 4-5 buds and propagate by cuttings in winter.


The chrysanthemum is part of the Compositae family . It is a perennial plant, woody at the base, from 0.20 to 1.50 meters high, with simple, greyish-green leaves with lobed limbs. Its flowers are large chapters grouped at the end of the stems; appear in autumn.

It prefers a loose and fertile soil; equal parts river hangover, peat and black earth and full sun during the morning. He loves humid places. It is susceptible to cold in bloom.

Water every other day from spring until the end of flowering; in winter every week and fertilize with 200 grams of bone meal each square meter of flowerbed. Prune almost to the base of the stem after flowering and propagate by wedges and division of clumps in late spring. It is usually attacked by aphids. Spray with systemic insecticides.


The Stachys is part of the Labiadas family . It is a perennial, rhizomatous plant up to 0.10 meters tall that has simple leaves, 5 to 10 centimeters long, covered with dense long, whitish veils. Its flowers are small, of a solferino red color arranged in inflorescences; appear in spring and summer.

It does not tolerate a compact and flooded soil. Provide a place with strong sunlight. It thrives best in dry environments.

Water once a week in summer; every 15 days in winter. Pruning by segments and division of the bush in spring. Remove the soil in spring around the plant.

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