3 organic or bio cosmetic brands that will change your life

Have you decided to use organic or bio cosmetics but you don’t know what to buy? Are you looking for trusted organic cosmetic brands but don’t know what options are on the market? Then you can not miss this post and thus get rid of doubts.

We know that it is as important to take care of ourselves inside as outside. In addition to enjoying delicious and nutritious seasonal organic food , we also choose products that are respectful of our skin and health and with the least environmental footprint: organic or bio cosmetic and hygiene products.

Ecological cosmetics: health and sustainability in the same container

It is not the first time we have talked about organic cosmetics on the ECOagricultor blog . In fact, a few weeks ago we saw in more detail what the differences were between conventional cosmetics and organic cosmetics . And we have also seen on more than one occasion the impact that some of the ingredients used in conventional cosmetics, such as parabens, have on our health .

In general, and in case you have not yet read these articles, unlike traditional cosmetics, organic cosmetics use products that are respectful with the environment and with our health.

For example, its ingredients do not contain synthetic pesticides, GMOs, synthetic preservatives or artificial additives . In addition, they ensure animal welfare, they do not test their products on animals and they are sustainable. Even in the vast majority of cases they are packaged in recyclable packaging.

But that is not all. Another benefit of organic cosmetics is that you can make them yourself at home. You only need some ingredients such as medicinal plants , oils (which include essential oils and vegetable oils) and aloe vera leaf .

However, the pace of life of many of us does not allow us to spend as much time as we would like to make our homemade products. For this reason, we will be interested in knowing what organic cosmetic brands we can find in the market and what we get with our purchases.

Our recommendations: 3 trusted organic cosmetic brands

We have been using all kinds of organic hygiene and cosmetic products for many years. During all this time we have been able to test and evaluate many brands and many of their products: from creams and lotions to facial care products , through soaps and hair products .

And some of those brands and products that have remained forever in our bathroom to stand out from the others.

Today we want to talk to you in more detail about some of the organic cosmetic brands that we trust. Specifically, we are going to focus on three: Irati, by Josenea; Matarrania and Saper .

As you can see below, they are Spanish brands that represent the ecological values ​​that we like so much. And that they are not only committed to consumers but they use all their resources to create products with which we all win. In fact, the social value that these three companies have (and which we will talk about later) is a trait that we do not find in all brands.

Surely after reading the characteristics and products of each of them it is very likely that they will also end up becoming the essentials of your house.

bio cosmetic products

Irati, by Josenea

Josenea is a company in Navarra that was born with the intention of giving a job opportunity to the most disadvantaged and to people in a situation of social exclusion. A business philosophy that was soon joined by organic farming as another of its fundamental pillars, thus betting on sustainable production and the protection of the environment .

Values ​​that they are capable of transmitting in each of their products, from medicinal plants and spices to essential oils .

Hygiene and cosmetic products are marketed under the name of Irati , of which we recommend its shampoos and masks, deodorants and creams for the face and legs.



Another of the organic cosmetic brands that we use a lot is Matarrania , originally from Teruel and whose star ingredient is local organic olive oil . In addition, it is certified by the Organic Soil Association and 90% of its ingredients are local (obtained less than 300 km away).

As if this were not enough, as we saw with Josenea, the social factor is very important for this company. Specifically, they are fully involved in reconciling the work and personal life of their workers as well as collaborating in sustainable development projects .

It would be very difficult for us to highlight just one of the Matarrania products because we use everything from hand creams , to anti-stretch marks oil , through regenerating facial serum , to solid shampoos or the ecological cleansing and make-up remover lotion .


Finally, we could not forget Saper , a company from a small town in Guadalajara created to respond to two questions that concern consumers: environmental pollution and the large amount of toxins contained in conventional cosmetic products.

In fact, precisely these two issues were what led this brand to specialize in the artisan production of facial and body soaps and oils using only ingredients from organic farming.

In addition, the packaging of their cosmetics are reusable, recyclable and keep their products in perfect condition. Minimizing in this way the environmental impact caused by excess plastic.

After reading all this, the difficult thing will be to choose only between Saper products . We have become “addicted” to his facial soaps , his aloe vera toner , his wonderful shaving soap or his firming body oil .

The added value of organic cosmetic brands

As we have been able to with these three brands of organic cosmetics, by choosing this type of product we are buying much more than products that are respectful of all.

What’s more, the added value of organic cosmetics (and which is clearly reflected in the philosophy of these three companies) clearly shows the true benefits we get from buying organic.

Therefore, if you care about your health, the environment and social equality , these are the organic cosmetic brands you were looking for.
Tell us, have you tried any of them? Did you know them already or have they been a real discovery for you? We await your comments.



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