3 scented flowering plants

Fill your garden with a pleasant and intense aroma with these wonderful scented flowering plants . Take note!

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The Mirabilis Jalapa is a herbaceous perennial plant, from 0.50 to 1 m high and corms of South America, part of the family of Nictagináceas . Its leaves are simple ovate, 6-12 centimeters long. Its scented flowers are numerous, white, red, yellow, often mottled, 3.5-5 centimeter in diameter and arranged in inflorescences. It blooms in summer-autumn.

It prefers a light soil with medium fertility, and a very bright or partially shaded position. It is sensitive to frost.

Water abundantly and spaced every 5 days. Fertilize with 30 grams of bone meal in early spring. Propagate by sowing or root division in the spring and prune in early spring.


The floripón is a branched shrub with stems little consistent, 1-3 meters high in South America, part of the family Solanaceae . Its leaves are oblong, velvety on both sides, up to 20 cm long. Its flowers are flared, white, scented, somewhat pendulous, 15-20 cm long. It blooms in late summer and fall.

It prefers a fertile, deep and slightly clayey soil, and a position in full sun. It is sensitive to frost.

Water every 2-3 days in the summer, weekly in the winter. Top with 40-50 grams of compound fertilizer in the spring. It propagates by sowing in the spring and by cutting in early summer. Shorten the branches after flowering.


The pyracantha is a perennial shrub with many branches, 1-3 meters high, prickly. Red fruits in the fall, from Southeast Europe and Western Asia, which is part of the Rosaceae family . Its leaves are oblong, glabrous, 2.5-4 cm long. Its scented flowers are white, 5-8 mm in diameter, gathered in inflorescences. It blooms in spring.

It adapts to all types of floors, and prefers a full position, with direct sunlight. Resists frost.

Water moderately, every 3-4 days in summer, every 2 weeks in winter. Fertilize with 3-5 grams of compound fertilizer in early spring and late summer. It propagates by seed in the spring or by cutting in late summer. Prune at the beginning of spring bud break.

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