4 bio-preparations to prevent pests in the garden and garden in spring


During the spring activity increases in the garden, and one of the main tasks is the anticipation of possible pests and one of the ways to repel them is through preparations with plants.

In the garden section of the ECOagricultor Blog we have dedicated many posts to pests and diseases, because we know that they are issues that concern us gardeners.

Having pests under control will prevent us from greater evils. Here are some ecological remedies to get it.

Wormwood preparation

To make this spray:
Boil 1 cup of wormwood leaves for 4 of water. We let it rest for at least an hour, strain and it is ready to use.

If we want to enhance the effect of this preparation, we can add 10 ml of neutral soap for each liter.

It is very effective against fungi, aphids, carrot flies, caterpillars, mites and black ants

It is sprayed during the spring to prevent and repel pests.


Cilantro Preparation

We need:
1 part of the coriander plant and equal parts water

Boil the coriander for 10 minutes, let it rest for an hour and strain. It is now ready for use.

To enhance its effectiveness, you can also add neutral soap (10ml per liter) to increase its effectiveness.

It is used for mites (includes spider mites) and aphids (aphids)


Elderberry Preparation 


500g of elderberry leaves for every 3.5 liters of water.

We simmer the leaves for half now. Let stand 15 minutes and strain.

This spray is especially good for aphids, caterpillars, thrips and fungi like muldiu . If we want to increase the potential of the preparation we can add neutral soap (10 ml per liter)


Orange peels

We boil about two glasses of water for each medium orange and let it rest for 20 hours. Later it is strained and we can apply it alone or add neutral soap (10g per liter)

As orange contains natural pesticides (limonin and linalool) it is effective against soft-bodied insects such as aphids , mealybugs, and ant repellent .

And we cannot forget one of the best known predators:  Ladybugs ( Coccinela septempunctata).  They love aphids, they consume large quantities both in their adult phase and in the larval phase. But they also eat mites, mealybugs, small caterpillars, mealy bugs, and thrips . It is important to grow plants that attract them such as coriander and fennel

It is also interesting to intersperse plants such as lavender, basil, calendula, sage or mint among vegetable crops to attract beneficial insects to our garden, it helps us maintain balance and also improves the quality of the soil.

These biopreparations are applied every day for 1 week, always avoiding the hottest hours. After that time, make an assessment of the condition of the plants and if you need to repeat the treatment, allow 3 days to pass before applying again.

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