4 healthy sweeteners you can use in place of refined sugar

White or refined sugar is harmful to our health for many reasons, these are some:

  • It is highly addictive
  • It is harmful to the pancreas
  • First cause of childhood obesity
  • Its consumption is associated with various diseases
  • It demineralizes our body since, in order to synthesize it, minerals such as calcium are needed, producing deficiencies of this mineral in the bones
  • The use of artificial sweeteners like aspartame is just as bad for our health. A study shows how just one soda a day alarmingly increases the risk of developing leukemias and lymphomas
  • In this research documentary “Sugar overdose: hidden poison” you can see more information, and you can also see another very interesting “Sweet misery: Monsanto’s aspartame and the damage to your health”

What healthy options do we have in place of sugar?

Stevia or stevia

It is ideal for diabetics as it naturally regulates blood glucose levels.

It is a mild hypotensive, lowers blood pressure that is too high and regulates the heartbeat.

It has a vasodilator, diuretic and cardiotonic effect.

Facilitates digestion and gastrointestinal functions.

It also counteracts fatigue and nourishes the liver, pancreas and spleen.

But stevia has many more medicinal applications, learn more about the properties of stevia

Yacon syrup

Yacón is a tuber that comes from the Andes from which the syrup or syrup is extracted.

Yacon syrup is a natural source of FOS (fructo oligosaccharides), which are carbohydrates that do not provide calories because they are not metabolized by the digestive system. These carbohydrates improve the immune system.

It has a probiotic effect (promotes the production of beneficial intestinal flora). Learn more about probiotic foods

Its leaves are also used to make tea, which has a regulating effect on blood sugar


Agave syrup or nectar

Agave nectar is extracted from the maguey agave and blue agave, which are similar to aloe vera or aloe , and are of Mexican origin.

When fermented, this precious nectar turns into tequila; but in its natural state it is a low glycemic sweetener.

Unrefined agave syrup is a good option as a sweetener, since, being low glycemic, it does not produce blood sugar spikes while it retains great power as a sweetener.


It is obtained from the juices of sugar cane and is a food that has been traditionally used in many areas of Latin America or India.

Unlike white sugar, it does not undergo any kind of refinement.

It has fewer calories than white sugar.

Being concentrated, we only need small amounts to sweeten.

Although its amounts are very small, it has minerals such as iron, calcium and phosphorus, and vitamins A, C or E.


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