4 simple and home remedies for stretch marks or skin marks


The marks on the skin or stretch marks can appear for different reasons: pregnancy, losing weight, gaining weight, poor diet, fragile skin, lack of hydration, etc.

It depends on how long we have them, whether they are totally eliminated or not, so if you have them for many years they will not be totally eliminated, although you can make them much less noticeable both to the eye and to the touch.

These are the home remedies that I propose for stretch marks:

* Olive oil > is a great ally of the skin, softening, hydrating and nourishing it so that it regenerates, thanks to compounds such as vitamins A, k or D. It also has an emollient effect, thus softening scars and other marks on the skin such as stretch marks. Use at least once a day, massaging the area you want to treat in circles.

* Aloe vera > cut a stalk, cut it in half and apply directly to the area giving a circular massage. You can also extract the gel with a spoon and beat it, let it rest for an hour and apply it. You can keep it in the fridge or refrigerator for up to two days. Its content in vitamins C and E are very beneficial to regenerate cells and rejuvenate the skin. In addition, it also removes stains.

* Cocoa butter > improves skin texture and increases elasticity. Apply it twice a day, massaging the area you want to improve. I advise you to buy pure butter, unrefined and without oil.

* Hydrate! > By this I do not only mean that you drink water, I mean that you include in your diet the maximum amount of fruits and vegetables (of course organic, we do not want pesticides) that you can take in juices or juices, salads, etc. (Here you have more than 400 recipes )

Other very beneficial oils due to their vitamin E content are sesame, argan , coconut , shea butter, avocado and almond . You can also always add essential oils such as jojoba oil , rosehip, calendula , grape seed , etc. But do it when you are not going to get the sun in the area where you apply it because spots can appear on the skin, in case you already have them, here are home remedies to remove stains on the skin .

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