4 Types and Varieties of Most Famous Roses

The Rose is from the genus of thorny and flowering shrubs of the Rosaceae family, native to North America, Europe, Asia and Africa, which is one of the most popular flowers in the world.

There are approximately 100 species of rose, but there are more than 30,000 cultivars, of which only about 3,000 varieties are traded.

Roses are classified into wild species, which grow anywhere; old rosebushes, which are roses from before 1867, bush rosebushes, which are like the old ones with modern touches, and modern rosebushes, after 1867, and which comprise 95% of the rosebushes planted in the world.

modern roses

They are the most renowned varieties, due to the crosses that are made today to produce flowers of singular beauty, hybrids known as floribunda, grandiflora and tea hybrids, the latter being the most famous on the world market.

Hybrid teas are the most popular roses in the garden. They are beautiful and fragrant, the most requested and therefore the ones we find most in florists.

They are produced by bushes up to 1.50 m tall, which bear roses throughout the year, thanks to the techniques used; large, solitary, multi-coloured flowers arising from long, elegant buds.

Hybrid teas are modern rose bushes that we owe to two characters, one of them being Jean Batptiste Gullot, who made the first hybrid in 1867 which he called ‘La France’, the result of a cross between the ‘Madame Bravy’ tea rose and the perpetual hybrid ‘Madame Victor Verdier’.

The other was Henry Benet, who in 1879 achieved a shrub with montage flowering, attractive and elegant foliage with which he began the modern era of flowers, because since then these hybrids have become customary in the world, perfecting each time. plus.

Its varieties are counted in thousands, each one more perfumed. They have the particularity that they can be grown in warm and cold areas with a lot of sunlight, and settle in any type of soil.

Some roses of this type are Taboo, Alba García, Laetitia Casta, Baronne de Rothschild, Julio Iglesias, Louis de Funes, Mister Lincoln, Blue Moon, Lolita Lempicka, Black Pearl, Super Star, Charles de Gaulle, Orient Express, among many others. others.

bushy rose bushes

They are very popular, similar to the old rosebushes. Large plants up to 2.5 m tall produce single or double roses, arranged singly or in clusters, some composed of an infinity of petals.

Shrub roses begin to bloom in spring when temperatures rise, bringing more warmth, light and beauty to the plants.

Shrub rose bushes have red, yellow, orange, pink and white flowers; hybrids of splendorous, very attractive colors are also produced, such as the grandiflora rose bushes in lilac and black; or bicolors of yellow and orange, and red, white, and yellow.

Among these species we have classic and scented varieties of red color such as imperial chrisler, papa Meillan; queen Elizabeth, with pink and white flowers; and north pole, pure white, among others.

ancient roses

They are those that have not been modified since 1867 when the La France hybrid was made, that is, they are roses that remain the same as before.

They are also known as «heritage rose» or «historic rose»; they bloom once in the summer, have a good fragrance and are very hardy.

They are little sought after, especially due to the little variety of their colors, since most are white, pink and crimson red.In addition, they have the handicap that they bloom only once a year, while modern roses are re-blooming.

The most popular roses of this species are Baronne Prevost, Francis Dubreuil, Yolande d’Aragon, Rose de Rescht and Lady Banks.

wild roses

They are thorny deciduous shrubs that grow without the intervention of the hand of man.

Native to Europe, Asia, and Africa, the wildflower, known as dog rose of the Rosaceae family, has also been introduced to North America.

Wild bushes produce large numbers of single, uncomplicated, single-blooming flowers in a variety of colors; they are resistant to diseases and pests and sometimes also produce fruits. The most popular are rugosa rose and multiflora rose.

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