5 benefits of eating pear

The pear is, along with apples , melon or bananas, one of the most consumed fresh fruits and they are highly valued for their benefits and nutritional properties .

Since pears are a low glycemic index fruit, they are well tolerated in the diet of diabetics.

There are many varieties of pears and we can enjoy them throughout the year.

In addition to being able to eat them naturally, there are delicious cooking recipes in which we can use pears. Many of the nutritional benefits of pear are found in its skin, therefore, make sure you take organic pears to be able to enjoy and take advantage of its flavor and nutritional properties.

Let’s see what pears are good for .

5 benefits of eating pear

1.- Pears hydrate us . They contain more than 80% biological water that hydrates our cells. At the same time, due to the diuretic action of the pear, the function of the kidneys is favored and therefore the elimination of toxins from our body. Pear is a beneficial food to help purify us.

2.- It is beneficial to help you lose weight . Pear is an excellent option to have as a snack throughout the day whenever we get hungry between meals. The fat content of the pear is practically zero. If we are on a diet to lose weight, we can substitute snacks made of synthetic and highly elaborated products for a piece or two of this delicious fruit. Our health will thank us for the change.

3.- They help us prevent cardiovascular diseases . Pears contain lignans, phytoestrogens that take care of blood vessels and can prevent bleeding. In addition, lignans improve the functioning of the immune system and are capable of inhibiting the growth of tumor cells. There are other foods rich in lignans such as sesame or sesame seeds , flax or linseed and pumpkin seeds , broccoli and kale or kale .

4.- Pear improves intestinal transit . Thanks to the insoluble fiber contained in the skin and the pulp of the pear, cholesterol levels can be reduced in a natural and healthy way. This fiber also has another function, which is to “cleanse” the intestines of toxins and expel them with the feces. The fiber in pears prevents us from having gastrointestinal problems, poor digestion, constipation and takes care of our colon.

5. It is rich in vitamin C . Being a fruit that contains good amounts of vitamin C, we are improving the absorption of iron and therefore preventing the appearance of iron deficiency anemia. Also, Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen, which will have an effect on better skin and will delay the appearance of wrinkles. And let’s not forget the antioxidant action of vitamin C, which protects us from the damage caused by free radicals.

pear benefits

Cooking recipes with pear

In addition to being able to taste the pear in its natural, fresh state, you can use pears in different dishes and cooking recipes. And although most of these dishes are sweets and desserts, you can also include this delicious and healthy fruit in salty cooking recipes such as vegetable purees, salads, roasts, etc.

I propose two recipes with pears that are very rich and are not complicated to prepare:

  • Pear frola pasta
  • Pears bella Elena

How to grow a pear tree in pots

It would be great to be able to grow organic pears, right? Even if you live in an urban area and you only have the space of a terrace or balcony, you can have your pear tree.

Well, if you dare to grow your own organic pears, you can already read my article How to grow a pear tree in the urban garden in which I offer you practical information to know what important data you should take into account about the care of the pear tree

Everyone can benefit from the beneficial properties of pears, especially those who suffer from obesity, hypertension, gout or high uric acid, kidney stones, fluid retention and arthritis.

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