5 books on ecology and the environment that you should read

Libraries and bookstores around the world organize a multitude of events and activities these days. And it is that on April 23 we celebrate International Book Day , an unavoidable appointment for lovers of reading.

For this reason we bring you a list of books on ecology and the environment , both for adults and children . There are many titles, although we have chosen these five for containing valuable teachings about our planet and the living beings that inhabit it, and for transmitting in a simple, pleasant and charming way values ​​of respect for nature.

On Book Day, 5 essential “ecolibros”

If, like us, you love ecology , the environment and science, here are five titles that you cannot miss in your library:

  1. The Man Who Planted Trees by Jean Giono

Present in all the lists of best books on ecology and environment . The Man Who Planted Trees is a short novel published for the first time in 1953, which tells the story of a shepherd from Provence, in the French Alps.

This lonely shepherd dedicated his life to planting seeds in what seemed like a barren, barren place, but which he ended up turning into the green and teeming landscape that it is today. The story shows us the importance of perseverance and patience, and how our actions, however insignificant they may seem, have an impact on the future.


  1. Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

We named Rachel Carson in our last article on pesticides. And it is that this marine biologist and professor of zoology was a pioneer in dealing with the problem of its massive use in the fields, pollution and the harmful effects derived from it on the environment and birds; transmitting through this book (1964) an environmental message that continues to be valid.

Other of his works are The Sea that surrounds us , prior to Silent Spring , and The Sense of Astonishment , published in 2012. In the latter, he talks about the value of revealing and transferring our teachings to the generations that follow us: «To keep alive in a child, his innate sense of wonder, he needs the company of at least one adult with whom he can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, the expectation and the mystery of the world in which we live ».

  1. Elemental, dear humans by Juan Luis Arsuaga and Milagros Algaba, with drawings by Forges

As a small tribute to the recently deceased Antonio Fraguas «Forges», we recommend this book by paleontologist Juan Luis Arsuaga and historian Milagros Algaba Suárez, published in 2010, with drawings and illustrations by the brilliant Spanish graphic humorist.

Elementary, dear humans, takes a journey through the history of our planet, with special attention to the relationship of human beings with the Earth. “In a very short time, some ten thousand years, we began to behave in an extremely peculiar way: instead of adapting to the environment, we began to modify it for our benefit […] our footprint has become more of a stomp”. A book that will make you think about the future of the planet and, therefore, our own.

ecology books

  1. A short history of almost everything by Bill Bryson

This British bestselling writer reviews the history of the Earth, from its origins with the Big Bang , or Great Explosion, to the present day, through the rise of civilization. A popular science work published in 2003 where the author addresses complex subjects —physics, chemistry or geology— in an ingenious and understandable way for the reader, through mysterious travels through time and space. “The question is how we know what we know.”

A very brief history of almost everything (2008) is the edition for children , an adaptation of the previous book for the youngest, that by means of questions such as “What happened to the dinosaurs?”, “How much does the Earth weigh?” or “Why are the oceans salty?” You will be able to awaken their curiosity about history, science and the world that surrounds them.

  1. Katie Scott and Jenny Broom’s Animalium

Welcome to Animalium . A museum that is always open and houses an astonishing collection of more than 160 animals for visitors of all ages ”, we read on the back cover of this fascinating and colorful book. And the fact is that his illustrations of animals – invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals – will enchant you and will also attract the attention of the little ones in the house. Not for nothing was it considered one of the best books of the year by the American review magazine Kirkus Reviews .

If you like Animalim , you may also be interested in the other titles in the collection: Botanicum , Historium or Historia de la vida: Evolución ; all of them authentic wonders of illustrated literature.

“Without books there is no future”


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