5 easy-to-maintain plants that purify the environment and decorate your home

Because indoor plants make our homes more pleasant, decorative and purify the air, I propose these 5 plants to have at home that require minimal care.

1.  Aspidistra elatior,  or also known as Pilistra, is a very lush ornamental plant that can live up to 100 years. So you have a plant for life … This plant is even capable of maintaining itself and developing in unfavorable places (shade, excessive heat and cold, lack of watering …), although it prefers sunny areas and a good degree of humidity. It does not require large amounts of compost. During the summer it will decorate your home with some beautiful pink flowers, which stand out from their large green leaves.


2. The  Cissus rhombifolia or Ciso. The ciso is a very resistant climbing plant, so we can take advantage of it to hang it near windows, or practically in any corner of your home where you want to give an intense and lush green touch, because the Ciso grows very quickly. It withstands heat and cold well, although its ideal temperature is between 14 and 18 degrees C. As for watering, it is undemanding, being able to water once every 7 to 10 days


3. The  Shefflera is a very resistant plant that is able to tolerate even temperatures of -10ºC, although it is better with temperatures between 15 and 25ºC. It requires little care: it grows well in semi-shade and full sun and likes to be near windows. Although it prefers humid environments, it is not demanding with watering, watering every 10 days is enough.


4.  Chlorophytum comosum  or commonly called ribbons, in addition to providing life in our home, is very easy to propagate: we simply put the “children” that come out at the end of the ribbons in water and when the roots have emerged and are about 5 cm long we transplant them. It is a very common plant indoors due to its easy maintenance and it is also one of the plants that purifies the air the most. If there are asthmatics at home and people with respiratory problems they will appreciate it. This flat will adapt perfectly to all environments: sunny, shady or semi-shady. Next to a window it will be happy and if you spray it with water too, in terms of watering, once a week is enough. It is very showy if it is hung.


5. Another plant to include: the  Peperomia . This plant holds up perfectly in areas with a lot of light and areas with little light. It does not require a lot of water, watering every 10 days is enough. The temperature in which it is most comfortable is around 16 / 22ºC but it can develop and adapt outside this range. This plant has very showy leaves (there is a great variety within the peperomias) and we can hang it near a window or practically any other place in our house.

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