5 healing trees

People who connect deeply with nature affirm that there are healing trees. In the same way, some flowers and plants are also considered medicinal. But can a tree heal or cause an effect on our body simply with physical contact? Are there really trees that heal?

There are many cultures that believe in the connectivity of living beings and nature, Taoism in China is an example of this. The energy emitted by flora offers us well-being, pleasure and calm, but to what extent are trees healing?

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The healing trees

The primitive cultures believed that tree had its own spirit , in the same way that people, and they were able to transmit a vibration to the beings that surround them. The truth is that in nature we achieve a palpable state of calm and well-being: we clean our mind and our lungs.

In no case can we verify that a tree can heal, but it is true that being close to it helps us breathe better and that from its fruits and stems we can obtain countless natural remedies . Making rich antioxidant green juices or using plants as insect repellants is possible, nature is more powerful than we think.

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What are the healing trees?

1. The pine

It is undoubtedly considered the best healing tree by Asian cultures. Its longevity is believed to be proof of this. It is said to strengthen the nervous system , prolong life, and nourish the soul and spirit.

2. The willow

Willow is a very deep tree, simply starting with its sad and poetic aspect. It is said to eliminate the evil eye, protect from spirits and aid in the cleansing system of the body.

3. The fig tree

This delicious fruit tree is appreciated around the world, although its appearance is certainly not the most striking that one would expect. Some sources claim that it cleanses the heart.

4. Birch

Its main benefit is to detoxify the body, although it also helps clear the mind of migraines and discomfort.

5. The cypress

This ancient tree is very present in Europe thanks to the Roman and Greek cultures who believed that it was a tree that bears luck , protector of the home and symbol of hope. Even today we find cypress trees welcoming their guests in farms and rural houses. 

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