5 natural ways to improve air quality at home

Surely you have seen many home air fresheners  with different scents and fragrances of lemon, flowers, children’s cologne, etc. In addition, we can easily find incense and oil for burners in any bazaar. But these low-quality air fresheners, incenses and oils all they do is mask bad odors with fragrances made from synthetic chemicals that can seriously harm our health, if not take a look at this analysis . In it, it is exposed how when burning incense and synthetic oils 3 highly harmful compounds are expelled, such as benzene (toxic and potentially carcinogenic), formaldehyde (also potentially carcinogenic) and particles that can cause respiratory problems.

If we add to this that the house is little or never ventilated, something common during the cold months, the accumulation of toxins in our home multiplies, and with it the appearance of allergies and respiratory problems.

Natural ways to improve air quality at home

That is why I propose these 5  natural ways to improve air quality at home :

1.- Ventilate the house daily . Open the windows for at least 30 minutes a day. It allows the air to circulate throughout the house and that all the corners receive fresh air. In summer it is easier to carry out, but in winter we must also do it as much as possible.


2.- Take advantage of the plants to purify the air . Plants filter pollutants from the air and having several at home can be of great benefit to our health. You also find them in a great variety and you can use them to decorate. These are the plants that I recommend .


3.- Avoid the use of aerosols . Aerosols harm your health and the environment, avoid their use because they release particles that remain in your home and can be deposited in your lungs, causing serious respiratory problems.


4.- Don’t smoke at home . If you smoke, don’t do it indoors. In addition to causing cancer, from the moment tobacco smoke is inhaled, it causes the heart to beat faster and increase blood pressure. You and yours will be breathing ammonia, tar, nicotine, benzepirene, carbon monoxide and 4,000 other chemicals… a highly harmful cocktail that you don’t want in your home. You can quit smoking with these tips


5.- Avoid synthetic fabrics . Synthetic fabrics are found in sofas, curtains, bedspreads, rugs, shower curtains, sheets, etc. and they come from oil, which is why they are gradually releasing the thousands of synthetic chemicals they have. It is not beneficial for your health to breathe them and have them at home 24 hours a day, opt for natural fabrics. Avoid other petroleum products like plastics


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