5 plants for the balcony

If you don’t have a patio, but if you have a terrace or balcony, you can live among plants and flowers and enjoy their beauty throughout the year. The choice of plants for the balcony should be done carefully and taking into account several factors. Keep reading.

Plants for the balcony

Many are the plants for the balcony that can transform this small space into an Eden. Here I share with you five of them. Take note!

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The petunias are flowers quintessential summer because they are super colorful and cheerful with bell – shaped flowers. In addition, they need sun exposure and constant watering. Place it in a hanging basket in a place protected from the wind and rain. Remember that they grow best with high temperatures in summer and mild in winter.


This climbing plant is very easy to grow and requires fewer hours of sunlight. Although it does not have flowers, it is a perfect plant to decorate poorly lit spaces and also prefers rainwater, so you do not have to worry about watering, unless you are in an area with little rain.


It is one of the most used balcony plants , as there are many varieties in a wide range of colors. It is also very easy to care for and thrives in full sun. During the summer it requires light and constant watering.


It is a common plant in urban gardens, on terraces and on balconies, since it has an intense orange or yellow color with a very pleasant aroma. This plant is capable of repelling one of the most common pests of roses, such as aphids.


Aromatic plants are perfect to place on balconies and even if they do not have flowers, they will surely win you over with their pleasant aromas, capable of enriching any dish. Provide the right amount of sun and good watering.

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What do you think of these plants for the balcony ? Leave your comments.

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