5 Reasons to have your Garden in Pots: Don’t think twice

Very good to all gardeners, today I wanted to tell you a little about what benefits have a garden in pots or planter garden provide for our domestic routine . The benefits of a garden in pots, no matter how small, are many and very healthy for the whole family, I highlight those that in my opinion are most important after having already created and harvested my planter garden.

1. Self-consumption of food

In this society in which we live, we are exposed to a number of chemical agents, preservative gases or edible waxes . Many of these products are necessary for the correct conservation and transport of food from the field to your table, they are inert, edible and do not represent health risks …

But at the time of consuming them they always give a certain insecurity, for this reason we always wash the lettuces before making them salad even if the label says that they are ecological … It also depends a lot on the origin of the food and the transformation processes that it has undergone … Indistinctly, By collecting your own food from your garden in pots you save yourself this insecurity, you know exactly what you are consuming and what products you have added, giving peace of mind and satisfaction to your dishes.

2. Organic production

The benefits of organic products know all of them are food quality, 100% free of chemicals that are produced respecting the environment, but it is often difficult to find in the supermarket or your price is too abusive. When starting a garden in pots, sowing organic seed, you can always have some lettuce or some carrots several times a year, without too much work and without leaving home.

3. Saving money

As little as we get out of a garden in pots, it is savings, it all depends on the space you have and how many pots you want to plant … In the long run, the investment in pots, seeds and substrates will be negligible compared to the vegetables you are going to collect.

4. Entertainment and stress relief

Having a garden in pots invites you to create your natural space, a Zen corner full of plants where work becomes relaxed and tranquility reigns. Whether inside or outside the house, this leisure space translates into silence and peace …

With great tranquility you will dedicate the necessary time to the care of your pots and when you finish you will feel much more clear and free from the daily routine. This hobby also has a great final reward in the form of personal satisfaction in being able to collect and consume the food that we have been taking care of for so many months, thus enjoying the quality and safety of organic food   with little effort.

5. Educational values

I believe that this is the most important point when creating a garden in pots, since the educational benefits for the little ones in the house are almost more important than those that they contribute to ourselves …

By having a garden in pots, the more urban children discover for themselves where the vegetables they eat come from, they learn that they are not bought in the supermarket but that they come from a plant that he has watered himself, which also gives him values ​​of love and care for nature and its environment.

Caring for and collecting garden vegetables in pots makes them more willing to eat them and keeps them distracted without using the tablet or television. It also teaches them to be responsible for a task by having to water the plants every day and they will see the results of their work and perseverance when the first vegetables grow …

Conclusion of growing in pots

Orchards in pots are a differentiating element that give us a lot in very little space.

It is not necessary a high investment or much skill with the plants to start with one, the experience we acquire with each harvest allows us to improve it by expanding with new pots or testing new more complicated crops, with which we will always have a variety of safe, cheap and ecological.

We will have a space for relaxation and well-being where we will spend time well taking care of our garden or decorating our pots , and the little ones in the house will learn a lot by eating healthy.

I hope you start with your garden in pots by following the advice that we leave you on our YouTube channel , right now I am collecting a lot, I have had some problem with pests such as whiteflies , but nothing serious with the advice on the blog …

So nothing, a strong greeting and any questions ask us!

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