7 plants that will thrive in the darkest parts of your garden

Although all plants need water and sun to survive, not all need the same amount. When it comes to light exposure, some plants believe that less is more, most notably these 7 plants that will thrive in the shadiest parts of your garden . Even that dark and humid corner of your home can make them survive. Perennials are those that grow each year after the roots become dormant in the winter.

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1. Bletilla

The bletilla, also known as an urn orchid, is relatively low maintenance but requires you to plant it in a shady spot, where it will only be exposed to several hours of sunlight in the morning.

2. Dicentra spectabilis

The dicentra spectabilis, commonly known as bleeding hearts or the heart of the virgin, was renamed lamprocapnos spectabilis in 2011. This flower is famous for its heart shape and is perfect for any garden. To help it thrive, plant it in shade or partial shade and provide it with drained but moist soil.

3. Hakonechloa

Japan grass is an ideal plant to decorate gardens. Although they need tons of sun, especially in summer, they can also thrive well in semi-shade. It does not require much care, only an acid soil and regular and abundant watering in summer. Excessive exposure to light can cause burns AND cause leaves to turn yellow.

4. Tiarella cordifolia

Also known as foam flower, they will require partial or total shade to develop properly, since they do not tolerate more than a couple of hours in the morning.

5. Hostas

Not all hostas need to be cared for in the same way, as each variety requires a different amount of shade. Try this to find out how much shade your hosta needs – the darker the leaf, the less sun it will need.

6. Lamium maculatum

If you want to brighten up some of the darker corners of your garden with little to no effort, purple flowering spotted nettle is ideal, as it prefers shade.

7. Anemone japonica

The japonica anemone is an autumnal plant that can reach almost 2 meters in height. Although it is a hardy plant, it prefers shade over full sun.

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