7 Reasons to eat local organic, organic or bio food


The organic food , organic or bio have been the only option for thousands of years. Now, with the amount of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, synthetic hormones, etc. that have conventional foods, opting for organic products is still the best option, and these are some reasons for this.


1- Organic food is cheap : Yes, it is. Through Consumer Groups , local Markets and direct purchase from organic farmers, organic products are accessible to everyone. You can eat organic and local at a fair price, but we must know where to buy , avoiding large stores and other intermediaries that take advantage of the consumer, increasing the price by up to 300%. The value of the foods that give you health is much higher than the money that is paid for them.

2- Organic foods are healthier : the nutritional difference between organic and conventional foods is amazing. This means that to get the same nutrients with conventional foods as with organic foods, you would have to eat many more conventional foods, which means buying more, spending more money and therefore you have to become even more contaminated to produce more contaminated food. Absurd.

3- Conventional foods are making you sick : if you think that some conventional strawberries, a lettuce or an “innocent” tomato grown in a conventional way brings some benefit to your health, you are wrong. More and more pesticides, synthetic hormones, etc. with which they are sprayed on crops, and more and more chemicals are used once they have been harvested so that they last longer in supermarkets. Today, for the food industry, producing food takes place in a laboratory, and not in the field. This is not natural, we are not adapted to ingest 17 layers of pesticides every time we eat each day.

4- Buying local organic food economically boosts your area : By buying organic and local food you are supporting an ethical practice, sustainable with the environment and also, you will be living in an area where neither the land nor the water is polluted nor the air you breathe. Through local purchases, every 12 euros spent generates 30 euros for the local economy

5- You collaborate with the maintenance of the diversity of your environment : Thanks to the small producers and producers, many varieties of fruits, vegetables, cereals, legumes, etc. they are not lost and we can continue to enjoy them. The biodiversity in each area is irreplaceable and is part of the gastronomy and culture. 90% of the crop varieties have already been lost , we cannot allow it. This is not to mention the worrying decline in populations of bees and other critically important insects.

6- The safety of eating organic and local : When you eat food produced locally, you know where it has been produced, you can meet the producers and know how and under what conditions they work. You cannot do this when you buy products that come from the other part of the world. The security of having this knowledge is very reassuring. Read more about Participatory Guarantee Systems.

7- Avoid the oligopolies of the industry : Paying to eat tasteless garbage does not make sense, paying to finance an industry that wants to bring together the production and distribution of all foods, that speculates with them, that exploits the producers, that deceives you and that it is polluting the land you walk on, the water you drink and the air you breathe, it doesn’t make sense. Change your habits, go to a local market to buy, join a small group of friends, neighbors or relatives and form an Ecological Consumption Group , eat healthy and rich without paying abusive prices for it.


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