7 tricks to keep plants green

One of the things that most characterize plants is the color of their leaves: green, shades produced by chlorophyll, which is found in chloroplasts, in plant cells. It fulfills a vital function, and that is that without it they could not carry out photosynthesis and, therefore, they could not live.

But it is also a color that is very useful to us humans, because when we see that our crops are that color, we can be almost sure that they are healthy, something that transmits peace and calm. With this objective, I am going to tell you 7 tricks so that the plants are green and beautiful. Aim .

They should not lack light

All plants need light -sun- so that they can be healthy; However, some need to be hit directly and others prefer to be somewhat protected, such as under the branches of trees for example. So if you just bought some and you have no idea where to put them, I can assure you that if you place them in a bright area but without direct sun they will grow quite well. And then, if you want, write to us to find out which is the perfect location for them .

Watch the weather

We don’t usually think about it a lot, because when we go to a nursery, the most common thing is that we stay with the beauty of the plants they have there. But never forget that its health will depend to a great extent on the weather: if you leave a bromeliad, for example, outside where there are frosts, it will most likely not survive. Therefore, choose plants that you know in advance will be fine (you don’t need to study a lot, don’t worry: they will be the ones you have in the open ).

Remove the dry parts

It is normal for the leaves to dry out and the flowers to wither. It is part of the life of plants. But when they are grown it is very important to cut off all the dry parts, including weak or diseased branches, so that they continue to look green. Do it whenever necessary, with previously disinfected scissors.

Give them the space they need

Whether they are in pots or if you are going to plant them in the garden, they must have enough space to grow. For this reason, you have to choose well where to have them, because in the end a small pot will be as harmful to them as a very small area of ​​the garden.

Do not pamper them excessively

Although it may be hard to believe at first, excessive attention is what puts plants at risk. Obviously, you have to take care of them, but only to the right extent. If they are watered or over manured, their roots will not support it. For this reason, it is highly advisable to check the humidity of the soil before watering, and pay according to the manufacturer’s instructions so that they are beautiful.

Fertilize the soil

Plant roots absorb nutrients found in the soil or substrate, but the amount of these nutrients is limited. If you want them to stay green, you must pay regularly with organic fertilizers, such as compost or mulch.

Keep the garden free of wild herbs

Image – Flickr/ Elliott Brown

Called ‘weeds’, they grow very quickly, and if you leave them they can greatly weaken the plants you are interested in. Be careful, it is great to reserve a space for them, since they will attract wildlife that can be useful to control pests and pollinate flowers, but do not hesitate to uproot those that are disturbing your crops.

Clean your indoor plants

The rain is responsible for keeping the leaves of the garden plants clean, but at home you should do it . You can use only water -without lime or distilled-, but to make them shine more I advise you to use the inside of the peel of a banana or even beer.

What do you think of these tricks? Do you know of others?

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