A couple of tips for caring for the Poinsettia flower

The poinsettia flower  ( Euphorbia pulcherrina ) has become a symbol of Christmas. Being the plant that adorns homes at this time, since it usually gives a unique and special touch. So it is important to carry out these tips to take care of this beautiful specimen .

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Recommendations to take care of Christmas Eve

December has just started and Christmas Eve  is present with a wide variety of colors (red, pink, yellow or white).

But whatever the color, it should be cared for to make it look resplendent and healthy.

  • If when acquiring   the plant it   comes wrapped in some type of paper, the ideal is to remove it immediately and place it in a pot so that it is not damaged.
  • Irrigation should be carried out every other day, or when the water has been absorbed inside.
  • It is important not to wet the leaves, you just have to water the root. This will prevent the leaves from becoming weak and discolored.
  • Keep it away from windows where there may be drafts, as this severely hurts it.

  • It is a specimen that requires at least 6 hours of light. So it should be located in a sunny place, but not directly.
  • Try to place them in a place where the pet cannot reach them. The intake of its leaves can be detrimental to their health.
  • At the end of winter they lose their color, this is totally normal. So you should not leave your care. It must be kept hydrated.
  • Therefore, the Poinsettia lasts all year long if it is cared for correctly. So if you have that opportunity, transplant it into your larger garden or pot so it can bloom again.

What do you think of these cares? Easy, don’t you think? Now it only remains to buy Christmas Eve  to decorate your house and receive Christmas in the best way.

But if you already have yours, don’t forget to give us a few tips.

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