Achimenes problems, propagation and species

Achimenes is a small plant with glossy leaves that are usually hidden in summer by its abundant tubular flowers that come in a wide range of colors ranging from white to purple. Read on to learn about its problems, propagation, and species.

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Achimenes problems

Achimenes is an ideal plant for beginners, since it does not present too many problems. Overwatering can collapse the plant, rotting the rhizomes. If this happens, remove the plant and avoid watering it for a few days until the soil is wet. On the other hand, the lack of irrigation can cause the same results, dehydrating the rhizomes to the point that they cannot develop. Water your plant regularly to keep the soil moist.

Now, if your plant does not flower and produces brown buds, it is probably due to high temperature or direct sunlight; move the plant around and place it in a place with light but not direct sunlight.

Achimenes propagation

The reproduction of the Achimenes is very simple , since, at the end of the summer, each rhizome tends to produce between 3 and 6 new rhizomes. Plant them together in a container so you can enjoy a very bushy plant next season, or separate them and grow them individually.

Achimenes species

  • Achimenes grandiflora : it is the largest variety of the Achimenes that has arched stems of green or red color up to 0.6 m long, perfect for hanging baskets. It is a hairy plant with oval leaves, with serrated edges, whose lower part is reddish in color. Its flowers are 5 cm large and it develops in summer and autumn.
  • A.longiflora : it is an ideal plant to hang in a container. Its growth is variable, although it can reach 30 cm in its longest stems, which are dotted with red. It has small, thin, oval leaves and blue-violet flowers.
  • A. Candida : it is also known as mother’s tears. It is a low plant with red-brown stems and greenish, serrated-edged leaves. Its flowers are small white and yellow.
  • A.skinneri : it is a nice specimen to hang up. The stems produce small bulbs that can be treated as a rhizome. Its leaves are green.

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