Add a tropical note to your garden with a Trachycarpus

Few plants create a tropical island feel like palm trees, but most are too fragile to grow outside. The Trachycarpus is a genus that is made up of eight perennial palm trees , however, it has a species that is quite resistant in almost all parts of Spain, except in the very cold regions of the North. This species is called Trachycarpus fortunei and is native to Japan, China and part of the Himalayas.

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The Trachycarpus can reach up to 1.8 m when planted in a container, while in the garden and in a protected site can be up to 3.5 m. It has large green leaves fans and corrugated born on long stems. During spring and summer it has dense bunches of yellow flowers followed by blue – black berries.

Caring for the Trachycarpus

Change your Trachycarpus container in April , using compost made from two parts of peat land, one of fine sand and moss well – rotted leaf. The drainage is essential, therefore you have to ensure that the holes in the base of the container are not blocked.

If the plant is small, use a 20 cm pot in which it will have to stay for two to four years. Then, according to their growth, you have to change the plant container to reach a final diameter of 45 cm. Put it in a sunny location protected from the wind. In the years that do not change container, removes the top layer of compost to the arrival of spring and replace it with a new compost.

In autumn and winter, keep the plants in a protected and sunny place, keeping the compost moist. Young plants are those that suffer most during these months, so you should move them to a protected location or a wall to look at the sun.

Propagation of the Trachycarpus

The simplest way to spread the Trachycarpus is taking the basal shoots in spring and planting them in small containers with the usual compost. Water them liberally and put them in a greenhouse at 10 ° C until they have established. Then you will have to lower the temperature. During the winter, young plants will benefit from the protection of a greenhouse.

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Image courtesy of Wendy Cutler , all rights reserved.

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