Afelandra (Aphelandra squarrosa Nees)

The Afelandra squarrosa is a perennial species native to Brazil that is frequently grown for bright interiors avoiding direct sunlight. Its simple, dark green leaves have striking ivory streaks along the veins.

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Soil or substrate

A mixture composed of 3 parts of black garden soil, 3 parts of river hangover, 3 parts of peat and 1 part of sand or perlite is used for the development of the potted Afelandra squarrosa . The river hangover can be substituted by totally decomposed cow or equine manure in equal proportions.


It has to be done every other day during spring and summer, taking care not to wet the foliage. Once flowering is complete in autumn, watering is reduced to once a week until early spring.


The incorporation of 10 g of bone meal per plant into the substrate when the pot is changed in spring, helps to activate flowering and generates much lower, low and branched specimens. The chemical fertilizers that are applied with the irrigation water at the beginning of spring and, in the middle of summer, improve flowering and strengthen growth, without replacing the action of bone meal. The solution with the fertilizer (type 15-15-15) must be prepared with 2 grams of it in one liter of water.


The topping pruning should be carried out in spring leaving two to three buds on each stem of the plant to re-sprout. The blunt shoot is the one used to reproduce the Afelandra squarrosa by cutting .

Pot change

L to Afelandra squarrosa needs a change of pot when the roots poke through the drain hole. This task is done in spring.

  • Hold the pot with one hand covering the substrate, placing your fingers on the sides of the stems. With a small blow, it detaches the plant easily avoiding damaging the roots; removes some of the adhered substrate.
  • Place the Afelandra squarrosa in the center of the pot with its soil bread.
  • After adding the substrate to fill the pot, press around the plant and water, moistening the soil.

Care required

  • The Afelandra requires moisture . Place the plant on a plate of water or a container with wet peat.
  • After flowering, it is cut on the first pair of leaves.
  • Keep the plant in a place with temperatures between 15 ° -25 °
  • The Afelandra squarrosa lives for several years, but the ideal is to renew the plants every two or three years.


  • Leaf fall due to lack of humidity in the environment. Put the pot in a dish with water in a container with wet peat.
  • Weak sprouting. Make the pot change.
  • Deformed leaves or with brown scales attached to the underside. Presence of aphids and mealybugs. Spray with 40% dimethoate.

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