All about watering indoor plants

More and more people are living in an apartment or studio and need to know everything about watering indoor plants . As we well know, plants are very beneficial because they improve not only oxygen, but also make us feel close to nature.

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Watering houseplants

When we talk about the irrigation of indoor plants , we must know that the earth must always be moist, but not flooded, although of course there are some exceptions such as succulents and thick-leaved plants. If the soil is too dry or too wet, the plant will die.

When does a houseplant need water?

  • Look at the soil : if the soil where the pot is located turns a lighter color, or cracks, it will surely be time to water the indoor plants.
  • Calculate the weight of the pot : take the pot before watering and calibrate its weight using a scale or calculating it by hand. Do the same after watering. After several times you do this, with practice you will be able to know when the plant needs water or not just by lifting the pot.
  • Finger method: stick a finger into the substrate to see how wet it is.
  • Portable Moisture Meter: If you have large houseplants, you may want to use a portable moisture meter to determine how much water is around their root mass.

Signs of lack of water

Never allow indoor plants to wilt or soil to be off the edge of the container because these symptoms indicate a lack of water and the roots can be badly damaged. Signs of water often include transparent leaves, premature leaf and flower drop, slow leaf growth, yellowish or curved edges.

Excess irrigation

Both lack and excess watering are harmful to plants. Too frequent watering can give way to fungi that kill the roots. The overwatering includes mold or fungus on the surface of the ground, standing water in the bottom of the pot, roots brown and foul – smelling, brownish leaves and rotting, falling young and old leaves.

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