Alpinia zerumbet, whose scented flowers remain on a hanging rod

Alpinia zerumbet   also known as Porcelain Lily or Alpinia , of about 200 species of rhizomatous plants. It belongs to the Zingiberaceae family, being native to the tropical regions of Asia.

Characteristics of the Alpinia zerumbet

Tropical plant  that can grow to 2 m high.

The leaves are elongated, with small petioles, of an intense green color, which form very dense tufts.

The inflorescences have fragrant, tubular flowers that can be yellow, white, pink, or red. It blooms in the second half of spring.

The fruit is a red subglobose capsule.

Caring for the porcelain lily

It is a species that is used to be next to ponds, curbs or in large planters for terraces.

It requires a light exposure, but without direct sunlight with certain humidity. If it is placed indoors, it must be placed in a room with a lot of light.

It is not able to withstand cold below 10˚C.

As for the soil, an equal parts mixture of leaf mulch, siliceous sand and well-draining garden soil is ideal.

Irrigation will be moderate so that the soil always remains moist, but without waterlogging.

Compost should be every 15 days with a mineral fertilizer  in spring and mid-summer.

It is a species that is resistant to pests and diseases, so it does not imply a serious problem.

It is propagated by means of seeds or division of the rhizome that is carried out in the spring and then it is planted in the definitive place.

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