Anti mosquito plants

Anti mosquito plants for your garden

Lemongrass is the anti mosquito plant par excellence, its repellent extracts are used in many forms, in candles for example or for lotions and sprays against mosquitoes and its scent is unmistakable. This manages to cover the scent of human skin which is so “attractive” to these annoying insects. Lemongrass to be a useful repellent against mosquitoes, if placed in the garden should be planted behind small flowers and ornamental shrubs. A good idea would be to be planted in a pot of the right size and placed on a cart in order to be easily moved according to the needs and areas of the garden where we are most. Lemongrass can be purchased in any greenhouse or plant and gardening shop, it is in a pot ready to plant, the

Calendula, an anti mosquito plant

Marigolds are commonly grown as ornamental plants due to their colorful flowers and resistance to all climates. The calendula, however, is not only a beautiful plant but it is also an anti mosquito, in fact it gives off a strong odor very unpleasant to these annoying insects, and it is thanks to the pyrethrum, a substance contained in this plant, that mosquitoes move away. Commonly grown as ornamental plants, due to their colorful flowers, marigolds are very resistant to heat and temperature changes. If planted in the garden, the marigold likes full sun, but for convenience it is preferable to plant it in a pot large enough to be placed at the entrance of the house, or on the windows. However, we must avoid watering it too much and leaving stagnant water under the pot. Stagnant water is, in fact, the

Lavender, an excellent scent that repels mosquitoes

The lavender plant, in addition to being a beautiful ornamental plant, with delicate violet flowers, emanate a very good scent, suitable for many uses, such as smelling linen for example. However, few know that lavender is an excellent plant against mosquitoes, its sweet scent loved by everyone is hated by mosquitoes. Lavender is easy to grow. It can be planted directly in the ground, in the garden. It is a plant that needs space, so take your measurements carefully! It should be planted in spring in rather cold areas or in autumn in more temperate climatic areas. Lavender is a plant that prefers the sun, so place the plant in a place with a lot of light, where the sun beats us many hours a day. Lavender should not be watered too often as it could rot. It must be pruned every year after flowering. Lavender reaches its peak after three years. Lavender is a hardy plant that is easy to care for and gives off a great scent that will appeal to you and not mosquitoes!

Anti mosquito plants: An unknown and effective plant against mosquitoes: the Monarda

Monarda is a perennial or annual plant and is native to North America. Monarda belongs to the Lamiaceae family. Its flowers are bright red, there are also white or pink varieties. Monarda is similar to lemongrass for its repellent properties, in fact it gives off a strong odor, such as incense, which repels mosquitoes, let’s say that it confuses them. It is very simple to grow, Monarda prefers the sun, except in too hot areas, and so it should be placed in partially shady places. It is a very resistant plant that tolerates both the rigors of winter and drought well, just water it regularly without leaving the soil too dry. Its dried leaves are used in herbal medicine to make scented bags. as well as to make an excellent tea or soft drinks with purifying properties; its essence is similar to that of bergamot.

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