Antirrhinum majus, plant exhibiting peculiar shaped flowers

Antirrhinum majus also known as snapdragon , Dragonaria, snapdragon, Conejitos, Boca lion Gallitos, Boca cochineal dragonet and Tarasca siculum. It belongs to the family of Scrophulariaceae within the genus Antirrhinum, which comprises more than 300 species. Antirrhinum composed of the words of the Greek anti meaning like and rhinon which means nose “Plant as having nose.” It is native to the Mediterranean or American Northwest.

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Characteristics of the Antirrhinum majus

It is an annual, perennial or biennial a height of 50 to 60 cm most varieties, but can measure up to 1 m. The leaves can be lanceolate or oval, smooth or rough, dark green. Flowers is its broad appeal, occur in clusters, measuring about 5 cm long and has a tubular shape bilabiada, which has various colors ranging from white to pink through red, yellow and violet. It blooms in late spring and early summer.

The care Antirrhinum majus

It is a plant growing in rock walls or substrate . Without difficulty in any type of soil, but requires one that is rich, preferably limestone that is fertilized with mineral elements before planting. For flowering it is advisable to add a mineral fertilizer every 15 days.

Exposure must be very sunny and high temperatures, a typical Mediterranean climate, which is the ideal. Also, it does not stand frost, so it would be protected.

As for irrigation must be frequent in summer, but it becomes abundant, because it could make you sick and fatal outcome.

With regard to pests, diseases can be susceptible to attack by mold (especially roots), rust, aphids and root galls.

It multiplies by division kills and seeds sown in the final place. However, it should disinfect the ground, because the seeds are attacked by fungi very easily.

It’s a really beautiful flower that is worth having in garden. Even being a kind of easy cultivation could well be suitable for those with little time Did you know her? What color do you like more? remember that Garden Center Ejea is always on the slope of your green spaces and gardens so they look alive and healthy.

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