Are urban gardens the future of organic farming in the city?

The culture “eco” is a topic of growing interest across Europe. It seems that little by little we are taking responsibility for what we eat and how we treat nature in exchange for those products of daily consumption. It may be that for this reason urban gardens have also gained a lot of strength, especially among the youngest.

It is evident that life today mainly moves within the big cities. Therefore, having your own garden in the city can seem complicated. But the truth is that urban gardens have been the best solution to this problem, since they are accessible, profitable and beneficial for the environment of the city. Another interesting advantage? They are a good way to bring organic farming closer to young circles.

We also advise you which organic seeds to use , the best planters, growing boxes and tables for your garden and essential books to learn everything about organic gardening .

But before we get down to business and talk about the relationship between young people and urban gardens, why don’t we review the data?

What are urban gardens?

An ecological urban garden is a space, either on cultivation tables or in pots, in which we sustainably grow vegetables and aromatic plants that we will later enjoy in the kitchen. During its growth we implement agroecological techniques so that the production of our food is natural and at the same time well planned to save us money, time and work.

What are the types of urban gardens?

The advantage of these gardens is that they are very versatile. You can find them anywhere if you search well. That is the main reason why they have increased so much in cities. There are different types:

  • Urban vegetable garden in gardens
  • Urban garden on terraces
  • Urban garden on balconies
  • Urban garden in the countryside
  • Urban city garden
  • Vertical urban garden

It is up to you to decide what type of garden best suits your circumstances.

What do you need to set up your urban garden?

To start preparing your urban garden you only need 5 things :

  1. A sunny space , ideally that receives at least 5 hours of sun a day.
  2. Containers . There is a lot of variety, from growing tables to flower pots .
  3. Substrate . It is important that it is suitable for organic farming.
  4. Plants and seeds . The truth is that you can plant practically everything in your urban garden. So ideally, you should be guided by your experience and the time and space you have to start with.
  5. Water . The main thing is to make responsible use of water and strategically distribute your crops to take full advantage of the risks.

ecological garden city

What are the benefits of urban gardens?

The first thing you will think is that they are the best way to bring your products direct from the land to your kitchen . If what you want is a natural diet at your fingertips, this may be your best option.

If you are working in a garden for the first time, you will experience the satisfaction of collecting the food that you have planted yourself.

It is an activity that you can do in your free time to keep fit and have a healthier routine.

In addition, it is a good way to add green areas to your city and to improve coexistence in community areas where the urban garden is shared.

Why should urban gardens be accessible to young people?

Some people today think that young boys and girls only think about themselves or about superficial issues: they prefer Instagram to vegetables. This is attributed to the millennial culture and those who criticize it often associate these attitudes to laziness and a lack of patience for having grown up in a world in which everything is given to you instantly.

Do you think these statements are true? The truth is that according to a study carried out in the US, 75% of those surveyed (between 14 and 24 years old) answered that they would like to be able to grow or run their own garden , but they could not because they did not have enough space in their homes.

What is the real problem? We are at a time when the majority of young people live for rent in large cities . They live in not very large, shared apartments, far from the rural world … Finding the perfect space to have your own garden is very complicated.

Are urban gardens the solution?

One thing is clear, and it is that those benefits that urban gardens provide represent values ​​that we should transmit to new generations . Lack of time and space is a real problem that young people experience every day. But thanks to the urban and community gardens they now have the possibility of being able to participate in these activities without complications.

Organic farming is a philosophy that can be promoted among the smallest and in large cities. It is very possible that, due to all this and with the passage of time, it is the same millennial culture and the later ones that cause more drastic and positive changes. It is likely that if we take the appropriate measures today, tomorrow we will be able to promote reforms to make agriculture more efficient, profitable and ecological , in addition to bringing it closer to urban circles in a sustainable way .

Will we be able to come to fruition with these measures?

What do you think about all this?

Hit the reply button and let us know in the comments!

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