Aubrieta deltoidea, short plant

Aubrieta deltoidea, its name is dedicated to the naturalist cartoonist C. Aubriet . It is also known as Aubrieta, Aubrietia or Aubrecia, it is a plant that has its origin in the eastern Mediterranean, but today it is cultivated around the world as an ornamental plant. It is a genus that includes 15 species, this being the most common, which belongs to the Brassicaceae family.

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Characteristics of the Aubrieta deltoidea

It is a short perennial plant that reaches about 20 cm in height . The stems are creeping while the leaves are silver-gray, oval, sagittate, serrated, small in size. The flowers form terminal clusters, they are simple, small, with four petals and the tones can vary (purple, blue and violet). The fruit is a silique up to two meters long. It blooms between April and May.

Deltoid Aubrieta care

It is an ideal species for mixed border, rockery upholstery and combined with spring flowering bulbs.

It is a rustic species that adapts to all types of terrain, even those that are sandy, alkaline or stony. They grow well in fertilized soils with a bit of sand to give them a soft soil.

They do not support very low temperatures and but it is able to tolerate the maritime climate.

Although it can be in full sun, it does best in semi-shade.

It requires little watering, so it must be done regularly, even in flowering.

As for the fertilizer, it is very demanding, so it is convenient to supply fertilizers in the waterings from the beginning of the flowering until it ends.

It is necessary to remove the dry corollas to allow the plant to grow vigorous and healthy.

It multiplies by dividing plants, stem cuttings, or by seeds.

One of its main enemies is the caterpillar, so it is recommended that it receive preventive treatments with insecticides to kill it as soon as possible, since it can make days very serious.

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