Avocado or avocado oil: properties and therapeutic uses

Avocado or avocado oil

The avocado or avocado is a fruit with a lively green flesh, very rich and nutritious. It provides us with phosphorus, potassium, iron, magnesium, beta-carotene, copper and vitamins such as group B (including folic acid), E and K.

An oil highly valued for its nutritional properties and health benefits is extracted from this fruit. I advise you to always look for an oil that comes from organic avocados or avocados and that is cold pressed, thus ensuring the highest quality.

  • I have also included a video in which I tell you about the most important characteristics of this fruit.

Properties of avocado or avocado oil

Contains beneficial fatty acids rich in antioxidants that protect our heart and in general the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system

It is suitable for people with varicose veins and even phlebitis .

Helps us maintain balanced blood pressure

Stimulates the regeneration of the skin and tissues.

Strengthens hair reducing its fall and weakness.

Avocado oil fights free radical damage

Delays aging

Combat cell oxidation


How to use avocado or avocado oil

In the kitchen , we can use avocado or avocado oil in recipes such as salads, hummus, dips, pâtés and other cold and warm dishes. Taking a tablespoon a day of avocado oil is enough.

In cosmetics and natural beauty we can include it in the preparation of creams and masks for both the hair and the face and the skin of the body in general. It has traditionally been used to hydrate and soften both damaged skin and hair. It even significantly improves very dry and damaged skin. Delays the appearance of wrinkles and even blurs or smoothes existing wrinkles. It also helps strengthen weak nails. It should be applied giving a gentle circular massage.

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