Basic steps for the care of surfinias

Surfinias are the protagonists of summer and warm days . A compelling reason for them to be given the necessary care to make them look resplendent and adorn homes throughout the season.

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Surfinia care

In a wide range of colors to give that touch of luminosity to the garden, terrace or balcony. They are hybrid plants that require certain care so it would be worth following them.

Flowerpot . Being fast growing plants, they demand considerable space. Which means that it is necessary to have a container  of good dimensions so that once they are rooted they can continue their development properly. So it is very important to plan it to avoid doing it right in the summer time and stopping its flowering.

Light . A natural gesture of this species is that they stretch, focusing on the sun, since it demands the greatest amount of light throughout the day. So a factor of weight is that it is located in a place with good sun exposure so that its growth is favorable.

Irrigation . Irrigation is essential for it to grow healthy. However, it is essential to know that the surfinia plant should have a constant watering (in the spring they will be alternate days and in the summer daily), but never in excess. Ideally, water in small amounts, avoiding wetting the leaves and flowers. Another primary factor is drainage. Although they require water continuously, the excess damages the roots, causing their death.

Compost . It is clear that flowering is a period of wear and tear for any plant. And even more so for those prolific species such as surfinia . So lending you a hand may be the best. So apply a liquid plant fertilizer every 10 days during the flowering months.

You pests . If for people this species can be irresistible, imagine for pests. Typical of the sunny months are the aphids and the red spider, being enemies that must be kept at bay from their first visit, since they can invade to the extent of weakening the plant at an incredible speed.

So don’t miss out on these cares so you can enjoy all its splendor. Because far from being a complicated plant, it can be the focal point of a beautiful postcard that you will always remember.

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