Benefits and nutritional properties of Almonds, among the most nutritious foods

Nuts are a concentrated food that, even in small quantities, provide us with a great variety and quantity of minerals, vitamins and healthy fats.

It is a healthy snack for young and old that we can take with us to eat when we are away from home. There are them with skin, without skin, toasted, salty, natural…. choose your favorite but please, to take full advantage of all its nutritional value and avoid ingesting pesticides, always choose Organic Almonds .

What are Almonds?

Almonds are the seed obtained from the fruit of the sweet almond tree, Prunus dulcis , an early flowering deciduous tree that is very commonly cultivated in the Mediterranean area and in Western Asia.

The almonds are a few nuts rich in nutrients very beneficial for our health during any stage, especially those that require us more nutrients (growth, pregnancy and lactation, old age).

To whet your appetite, tell you that almonds have properties and benefits for our health that help delay aging, take care of our muscular, nervous, immune and cardiovascular systems . Below we will tell you in detail.

Nutritional value of Almonds

Sometimes we know that a food is healthy and beneficial for health but we do not know what specific nutrients they provide us. In the case of almonds, we can say that they are small pills with a high concentration of nutrients.

This is the nutritional content of almonds per 100 grams:

  • 49 grams of fat
  • 22 grams of carbohydrates (including 12 grams of dietary fiber )
  • 21 grams of vegetable protein .

Of its vitamin content, the following stand out (in order from highest to lowest): choline, vitamin E , B3, B2, Vitamin A , B5, Betaine, B1 and B6.

They are rich in minerals such as: potassium , phosphorus , magnesium , calcium , iron , zinc , selenium, manganese , copper and sodium.

How many calories do the Almenras have? Almonds provide about 575 kcalories per 100 grams.

almond properties

What are almonds good for? Properties and benefits of these Nuts

It has nutritional qualities such as having healthy fats through essential fatty acids, unsaturated fat, proteins and fiber and carbohydrates, in addition to having potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. It also has a large amount of folates, that is, part of the B vitamins, vitamin E and niacin (B3), another component of the B vitamin group.

As we can see in this list, it is a food with a great nutritional variety that can help us maintain stable levels of minerals and vitamins.

The various benefits derived from its consumption are many:

  • Protects the cardiovascular system : due, on the one hand, to the contribution of antioxidants and, on the other, to its components in essential fatty acids that help maintain a healthy cholesterol level.


  • They are a source of energy : since their high carbohydrate content provides an easily absorbed and quick energy intake that allows us to be active and energetic to face the day. This is very beneficial for children, pregnant women, athletes and people who are physically exhausted at work.


  • Antioxidant and regenerative power : which helps the regeneration of cell tissues and helps us maintain healthy skin and organs in good condition. In addition, it contains Vitamin B2, which is very important to keep sight, hair and skin in good condition.


  • They regulate intestinal transit : because it is a food rich in fiber, an element that helps prevent constipation , promotes intestinal transit and regulates blood sugar levels (avoiding spikes in blood glucose).


  • They strengthen bones : thanks to the contribution of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. Almonds help us avoid the appearance of bone-related ailments, such as osteoporosis.


  • They keep teeth healthy : thanks to phosphorus. Phosphorous is a necessary element for oral and bone health. A lack of phosphorus can lead to gum disease and tooth decay, which are very common today.


  • They regulate blood pressure : thanks to its potassium content, which is an element that participates in the regulation of blood pressure , and the fatty acids that we have already discussed previously.


  • Prevention against cancer : its antioxidant properties, obtained thanks to the amounts that almonds provide us with vitamins A and E, selenium and zinc that fight the damage that free radicals produce in DNA.


  • Perfect for people with diabetes : because it contains zinc that helps us generate insulin and other substances in our body to metabolize sugars. There is a direct relationship between insulin and zinc, since this last element plays an essential role in the synthesis, storage and secretion of insulin. Low levels of zinc could cause a lack or reduction in the generation of insulin. Also the participation of fiber is very important to regulate free glucose in the blood.


  • Lower risk of degenerative diseases : such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. This happens thanks to the antioxidant properties that the almond contains, they promote the proper functioning of the nervous system, which can help us prevent degenerative diseases of the central nervous system.


How many almonds do you have to eat per day?

You already know what benefits almonds have for health.

But to enjoy the benefits of almonds , you may wonder how many almonds do you have to eat per day ?

An amount of 30 grams is enough to be able to enjoy the benefits of these nuts.

After knowing its benefits, you will surely want to include them in your life on a regular basis to improve your well-being and promote your health. We want to tell you about different ways to use its properties, from its ingestion in raw, toasted, in drink or the use of its oil.

How are Almonds taken?

If you decide to take raw almonds, you will be ingesting a higher portion of its properties, which guarantees greater efficacy and a more positive effect.

To obtain all these benefits for your health, always choose organic almonds .

You can add them in salads, in your smoothies or take them as a snack at noon, in the afternoon as a snack and, of course, for dessert. A handful of almonds daily is enough to notice its benefits.

Another way to eat them is toast. You can buy them ready-made or carry out the process at home, placing them in the oven at 170º for about 15 minutes. All foods, when going through a heating process lose part of their properties, but in this case it is not in a very noticeable way, thus maintaining most of their properties. You can season them with a little honey, add them to granola, take them with a yogurt, etc.

Another option is to make almond milk or drink . Taking the raw almonds, they are left in water for 8 hours and filtered. We place them in a blender or blender, add 800 ml of water per 100 grams of almonds and beat well. Later we pass it through the Chinese so that it is very fine and we can already drink our almond milk.

Finally, there is sweet almond oil that brings great benefits to our skin. Using it externally to hydrate and nourish the skin, for stretch marks or to improve cellulite and orange peel are some of your options. It also helps to regenerate the skin when we heal wounds and to improve eczema and allergies.

As we have seen, almonds are a good ally to add to our life and improve our health. Do you dare to try these nuts?

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