Black cumin or Ajenuz: Properties, benefits and medicinal uses

The black caraway or black cumin , Nigella sativa , popularly known by other names as blessed seed or black seed. It is a herbaceous plant belonging to the Ranunculáceas family. It is native to Syria, although its cultivation spread throughout the Mediterranean, in Spain it also grows wild. It has dark green leaves and its hermaphrodite flowers have five blue petals or they can also be greenish white and can be seen during spring and summer, which is its flowering period.

It has been part of popular medicine and widely used in home remedies for its impressive medicinal properties. Both the seed and its oil are used

Medicinal properties of black cumin or Ajenuz

It has oil with thymoquinone and negelosse, alkaloids (nigelin), fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6), carbonyl compounds, glucosidic saponins (melantine) and carotenes.

It has antacid, soothing, antibiotic, antitumor, antibacterial, antiviral, digestive, antihistamine, antioxidant, antiseptic, expectorant, antifungal, anthelmintic action.

alien light Benefits and Uses of Black Cumin, Nigella Sativa

Stimulates the functioning of the immune system

Relieves headache or headache

It is recommended to prevent and mitigate allergies and asthma

Prevents and fights infections

Eliminate or reduce hemorrhoids

Improves the functioning of the lymphatic system

Stimulates metabolism

Used for nasal congestion

Relieves abdominal pain

Promotes the expulsion of intestinal parasites

Eliminate warts

Improves digestive and liver conditions

Relieves physical and mental fatigue

Reduce fever

Inhibits the growth of tumor cells

Cut diarrhea

black cumin Used for coughs, bronchitis, pharyngitis, and laryngitis

Accelerates recovery from colds and colds

It is used for cardiovascular conditions

Helps regulate blood pressure

Stimulates bile secretion

Relieves rheumatic pain

Improves skin conditions

Fight colic , heartburn and bloating

It is indicated for diabetes

It is very useful for tooth and gum pain

It is used for insomnia and anxiety

Relieves joint pain, bruises and sprains.

Avoid or reduce hair loss

Improves eye health

Eliminates fungi from the skin

It is diuretic


Home remedies with black cumin or Ajenuz, Nigella Sativanigella sativa

  • The seed can be added at the end of the preparation of the dishes, freshly ground. It is recommended not to cook them at high temperatures for a long time because the heat will destroy many of their properties.
  • It is prepared in infusion . Add half a teaspoon of crushed seeds per cup of hot water. Cover and let stand 10 or 15 minutes, strain and drink.
  • For heartburn or heartburn, dilute a tablespoon of wormwood oil in a glass of hot water. It is drunk little by little when it gets cold.
  • Relieves muscle, joint and bone pain by massaging the affected areas with the oil
  • For headaches (migraine and migraine) massage the temples, neck and forehead with black cumin oil and take an infusion.
  • Improve skin conditions by applying Nigella Sativa oil on the affected areas.
  • To cleanse the face of impurities and eliminate acne, pour a teaspoon of the oil into a bowl of hot water and do steam baths covering the head.
  • Eliminate fungi by applying black cumin oil.
  • To relieve cough and asthma, rub the oil on the back and chest and inhale with a teaspoon of the oil diluted in water.
  • Avoid or reduce hair loss by massaging black cumin oil into the scalp.
  • To expel intestinal parasites, grind the seeds and drink.
  • Improve or eliminate the symptoms of seasonal allergic rhinitis or hay fever by taking a tablespoon or two of the oil each.

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