Borage for menopause, respiratory and urinary infections, fever and taking care of the prostate

Rheumatoid arthritis, gastrointestinal ailments, anemia, respiratory diseases …. Borage has been for generations, in addition to being an exquisite food, a natural remedy to prevent and treat numerous conditions. And it is not surprising for its qualities, such as its high antioxidant power.

As we will see in this article later, borage can help prevent disease and maintain good health.


What is Borage?

The Borage , Borago officinalis , is an annual plant native to North Africa and Europe. It can reach up to one meter in height, has large, oval, serrated leaves. The flowers of this plant are of a very striking purplish blue color and are covered by hairs.

This plant, since ancient times, has been used for both medicinal and culinary purposes.

With borage seed oil favoring the functioning of the metabolism of the nervous system and helps prevent osteoporosis, regulating hormones and reduces rheumatic pains is made. This oil is used as a nutritional supplement during specific periods.


borageMedicinal properties of Borage, Borago officinalis

Contains flavonoid polyphenols (including tannins and flavonoids), allatoin, mucilages, saponins and mineral salts.

In addition, this plant has fatty acids in its composition and in fact, borage is the plant food with the highest content of gamma linolenic acid ( GLA ).

GLA fats are even taken as a food supplement because they have a positive impact on our body due to their great anti-inflammatory power. This effect is very important since inflammation is present in diseases such as Alzheimer’s, arthritis, thrombosis, cancer, breast pain, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, cardiovascular diseases , etc.

Borage has properties:

Expectorant, emollient, purifying, astringent, sudorific, antiobesity, diuretic, antianemic, neuroprotective, anticancer, bronchodilator, antipyretic, hypoglycemic, antibacterial, vasodilator, anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic, anticonvulsant, refreshing, calming and soothing.

We are going to know for which cases the use of borage is useful.


Benefits and uses of Borage

It is used to treat laryngitis and angina

Relieves cough

It is recommended for respiratory tract infections and in general for conditions of the respiratory system.

Relax episodes of spasms

Eliminate gases

It is used for cases of cystitis and kidney inflammation

Relieves symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome

It is an excellent source of fiber

Improves symptoms of colds and colds

Helps eliminate fluids and prevent fluid retention

This vegetable takes care of the health of our skin, delaying its aging

Combat inflammation of the prostate or prostatitis

Borage can be an ally for overweight or obese people who want to lose weight and lose weight

It is used for emotional exhaustion and melancholy

Accelerates wound healing

Regulates nervous disorders

It is beneficial during menopause

May be helpful for gastrointestinal ailments

Borage is used to lower fever

Helps regulate metabolism and the hormonal system

May help prevent cardiovascular disease

Stimulates milk production

Relieves symptoms of hay fever

Borage is very useful for cases of rheumatoid arthritis due to its anti-inflammatory action

May improve dermatitis and eczema cases

It is useful for cases of diabetes

Borage may protect against memory loss and cognitive dysfunction

Not bad for a humble vegetable, right?

borage properties



Home remedies with Borage

* The infusion is prepared with a teaspoon of plant per cup of hot water. Cover and let it rest for 4 minutes, then strain and drink when it has cooled a bit. This improves colds, colds, airway congestion, bronchitis.

* With the infusion we can gargle to improve angina, laryngitis or even improve the health of weak or bleeding gums.

* With its flowers honey is prepared and it is also added in the preparation of desserts and sweets, wines and liqueurs

* The fresh juice of the plant can be drunk to improve nervous disorders.

* Borage seed oil regulates the hormonal system, regulates menstruation, is beneficial for menopause, improves rheumatoid arthritis

* It is prepared in compresses and poultices to improve arthritis, blows or trauma, gout, skin inflammations, irritation, hives, wounds, eczema.


How to take Borage

There are two main ways to consume this plant:

Taking borage seed oil

Incorporating both the stems and the leaves into cooking recipes such as stews, soups, purees… it can also be steamed to better preserve its virtues or even raw borage leaves are used in salads.

Borage stew, borage with potatoes, Riojan borage, borage with clams, borage crepes…. Being a seasonal vegetable in winter and spring, it can be enjoyed in delicious spoon dishes and in other warm and cold ones for the arrival of the hottest days. This food cannot be absent from the traditional gastronomy of Aragon and Navarre.


Borage Contraindiations

The use of borage oil is not recommended during pregnancy.

If you are under pharmacological treatment and want to take borage oil, consult your doctor or pharmacist first so that any type of interference between the two is ruled out.


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