Broccoli, 14 properties and benefits of this vegetable


Broccoli, also known as broccoli, like cauliflower , is a vegetable belonging to the Cruciferous family and to the genus Brassica oleracea, variety Italica. Broccoli is mainly included in recipes for first courses, as a garnish for a second course and there are even those who enjoy this wonderful vegetable at snack time or in the smoothie or green juice for breakfast.

Broccoli is a vegetable that can be eaten raw or cooked and can be steamed, baked, added to casseroles, soups or stews, it can be prepared in sauces, eaten gratin, fried, sautéed … Of course, let it be organic broccoli .

Do you know that broccoli is considered by many people as a super food? In this article you will see that broccoli is a very beneficial food for health, get to know it and add it to your diet 1,2

Nutritional properties of broccoli

Broccoli can be considered a very nutritious vegetable, since it contributes to the diet a large amount of fiber, minerals and vitamins, mainly Vitamin C and folates 1,2 .

Among its minerals we find; phosphorus, iron and potassium. It also provides sulfur, which is responsible for the characteristic odor 3 . It is an excellent source of vitamin K, C, B1, B6, A, E, Chromium, folic acid, Manganese, potassium and copper. It is also rich in omega-3 , vegetable protein, calcium, zinc, iron and selenium 4

On the other hand, broccoli contains phytonutrients (glucosinolates, isothiocyanates and indoles) among which sulforaphane (isothiocyanate) and indole-3-carbinol (indole), antioxidants (b-carotenes and vitamin C), fiber (soluble and insoluble) stand out. ) and phytochemicals.

In this table you can see in more detail the nutritional composition of broccoli :

broccoli nutritional table

14 health benefits of broccoli

Due to its composition, broccoli has numerous health benefits and this time we show you 14 of them:

1.- Helps prevent cancer

For its combination of antioxidants, pro detoxifiers and anti-inflammatory 4

2.- Protects the cardiovascular system

Helps reduce LDL cholesterol levels in the blood and prevents the formation of homocysteine, which is a risk factor for the cardiovascular system 4

3.- Protects eye health

Due to its carotenoid content, its intake being associated with a decrease in retina, macula and crystalline problems

4.- Prevents type II diabetes

Due to its antioxidants and the action of glucosinates

5.- Protects the digestive system

Due to its high fiber and phytonutrient content

6.- Provides numerous vitamins and helps their metabolism

Mainly vitamin K and A, whose union helps people with vitamin D deficiency by regulating their metabolism. 4

7.- Reduces the risk of chronic inflammation

Mostly due to its sulfur compounds and the presence of isocyanates and omega-3 4

8.- Helps prevent defects during pregnancy

Being rich in iron and folic acid 5,6

9.- Protects from infections

Thanks to the content of Vitamin A 5 or beta-carotene that broccoli contains

10.- Improves cell regeneration and healing 5

More reasons to take broccoli during pregnancy and if there are skin problems.

11.- Regulates fluids and mineral balance

These functions are carried out mainly by potassium 4

12.- Helps lower blood pressure

Potassium helps sodium excretion and this decreases hypertension 4

13.- Protects bone health

Broccoli is rich in calcium (strengthens bones) and magnesium (helps bone formation) 5.7

14.- Improves iron deficiency anemia

Due to its high content of iron, folic acid and vitamin C (which is necessary to help absorb the iron present in foods of plant origin)


Broccoli contraindications

Despite being very beneficial, in people with intestinal diseases and poor digestion , this type of vegetable can cause flatulence.

It also contains goitrogens , which can inflame the thyroid gland, in people with this predisposition, preventing the assimilation of iodine.

How to select and preserve broccoli?

Clusters should be chosen that are compact, whose flowers are not open or bruised.

The broccoli will be of a uniform color (dark green, purple green or sage) and those specimens that look yellowish should be rejected.

The stems must be firm, not softened or crushed.

It can be kept refrigerated, for a maximum of 5 days, without washing so that it does not get moldy.

The seasonal, organic and local broccoli is the best option.

How to prepare broccoli? Recipes with broccoli

Different ways of cooking broccoli have been investigated and strengths have been found in various methods to maintain its nutritional richness.

They should always be separated into small bouquets and washed under running water before cooking.

  • Steamed , the indicated time is between 3 and 5 minutes. It is the way in which it preserves more nutritional properties, after taking it raw.
  • Boiled or cooked for 3 minutes is enough to keep most of its nutrients at boiling point, for this the water is expected to boil and then the vegetable is placed (do not exceed 5 minutes).
  • For salads it can be used raw , always considering washing it well, removing any damaged areas and soaking in water with a splash of vinegar for 1 to 2 minutes.

Taking this into account, here are 4 recipes to taste a rich and nutritious broccoli dish.

Fake broccoli couscous

Ingredients for one person:

1 small broccoli, 5 ml of sherry vinegar, 5 ml of lemon juice or juice, 1 piece of fresh ginger, 1 clove of garlic, lemon zest, a teaspoon of caraway seeds, 1 teaspoon of cumin seeds, thyme dry to taste, ground black pepper, salt and extra virgin olive oil.


  1. Cut the broccoli florets and leaves. Wash, drain and chop with a food processor or a knife. They can also be grated or minced very small, to obtain a texture similar to real couscous.
  2. Heat a non-stick frying pan and lightly toast the cumin and caraway seeds. Add the minced garlic and oil with the grated ginger. Stir a few times until they start to brown, over medium heat, and add the broccoli with the thyme.
  3. Also add the large chopped broccoli leaves. Sauté for a minute, add the vinegar and lemon juice and stir well.
  4. Add salt and pepper and sauté over high heat for a few more minutes. You can leave the texture you want, but it doesn’t take a long time to cook.

It can be served with poached eggs or sautéed chicken 8 .

Broccoli gratin with Serrano ham, cheese and eggs


Broccoli, 500 g, Bechamel, 250 ml, Serrano ham, 100 g, Hard-boiled eggs, 2, grated cheese, 60 g and Salt


  1. Eggs must be cooked first. Simultaneously, the broccoli is steamed (5 min), while we prepare the bechamel and when it is ready we mix it with the diced ham.
  2. To finish, place the broccoli in a source in the oven, add the béchamel sauce, eggs and cover with ham and cheese to gratinate 9 .

Brocoli salad


3 cups chopped raw broccoli, 1 medium carrot, peeled and finely chopped, 2 celery stalks thinly sliced, 1⁄2 cup raisins, 1⁄4 cup onion, minced, 1 cup cooked ham, chicken or turkey, 1⁄4 cup mayonnaise, 1⁄2 cup plain yogurt, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 teaspoon vinegar


  1. Wash and prepare the vegetables.
  2. In a large bowl, mix the vegetables and meat.
  3. In another, combine the mayonnaise, yogurt, sugar, and vinegar.
  4. Add the dressing to the salad and mix. Refrigerate for 2 hours 10 .

Pasta with broccoli


Between 350 and 400 gr of pasta, 1 medium broccoli, 2 cloves of garlic, 50 gr of butter, 300 ml of liquid cream (heavy cream), 120 gr of grated cheese, 2 tablespoons of cream cheese, salt, pepper and walnut butternut


  1. Cook the pasta al dente. Meanwhile, the broccoli is cut into small trees, boiled in a little salted water or steamed. Drain well
  2. The garlic is peeled and sautéed in butter over the fire. Add the broccoli and sauté as well.
  3. In another casserole, place the cream on the fire with the salt, pepper and nutmeg. Cream cheese is added and left on low heat. Add the grated cheese and mix
  4. Ready the pasta, drain, mix over the fire with the cheese sauce. At the end, add the broccoli and mix


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