Burdock to take care of the liver, kidneys and purify the blood

Medicinal plant treatments have been used throughout human history. Phytotherapy has been developed from generation to generation while establishing an ancestral knowledge about the specific uses, properties and contraindications of each plant.

In this article we talk about Burdock. A really wonderful plant of which you will discover what its medicinal action is, what it is good for, how to use it in home remedies and its possible contraindications. And all based on the scientific evidence that we currently have.

What is Burdock?

Burdock, with the scientific name Arctium lappa , also popularly known by other names such as Lampazo, Cadillo, Cachorrera and in English Burdock , is a biannual herbaceous plant of the botanical family of the Compositae. In this same family we find other plants such as Chamomile or Chamomile , Lettuce and Sunflower .

It is a plant native to Europe but it can be easily found in America and Asia. It can reach two meters in height, has large elongated leaves and very characteristic and identifiable purple flowers.

Due to its medicinal properties, for home remedies the roots are mainly used (as they are richer in active principles), and sometimes the leaves and seeds of burdock.

Medicinal properties of Burdock, Arctium lappa

Different compounds have been identified in Burdock, such as inulin , phytosterol and phenolic acids, among other biocomponents.

This plant has antiseptic, alkalizing, laxative, antibacterial, sudorific, diuretic, stomachic, depurative, cholagogue, antibiotic, hypoglycemic, vulvar, healing, anti-inflammatory action.

burdock properties Benefits and medicinal uses of Burdock

One of the most widespread traditional uses of burdock is to purify the body.

Burdock exerts protective action on the pancreas

Stimulates bile production

Drink burdock infusion to reduce swelling.

Improves cases of rheumatism

Fight edema and fluid retention

Helps prevent the formation of stones (gallbladder and kidney)

Soothes a sore throat

This plant is indicated for back pain due to sciatica

It is used successfully in cases of arthritis

Eliminate herpes

Promotes mental clarity

Applied topically, help regulate acne

Improves the condition of the skin, as in the case of eczema

Promotes recovery from colds and colds

Burdock is taken as an infusion when there are gastric-type ailments

Tones the liver and improves its functions

Reduces seborrhea both on the scalp and on the face

Fight cystitis and other urinary tract infections

Reduces the size of hemorrhoids

It is beneficial in case of nephritis

It is recommended for diabetes

Home remedies with Burdock

* Prepare an infusion with a teaspoon of burdock per cup of water. Add hot water and let it rest for 4 minutes. Then strain and drink little by little when it cools down. Thus we will improve the functioning of the liver, kidneys, gallbladder and purify the blood.

* We can also use burdock to prepare tinctures , it would be prepared like this

* We can use it externally preparing compresses to treat wounds, sebaceous cysts or herpes, simply crushing the leaves and putting them directly on the area to be treated.

* The infusion is also used externally to relieve skin burns

* Burdock oil is used externally to stimulate hair growth

Possible contraindications of Burdock

Medicinal plants should not be taken during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

It is also not indicated for use in children under 12 years of age because they are not safe.

If you are under pharmacological treatment, consult your doctor and / or pharmacist before taking medicinal plants because they can interfere with the therapeutic action of medicines and enhance or cancel their effect.

Remember that this is general information and under no circumstances is it a substitute for the advice of a professional. To find out if this plant can be beneficial in your particular case, consult a health professional who can recommend the guidelines to follow for a treatment: how to use it, in what dose and for how long.

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