Calendula, medicinal properties and uses in home remedies

Calendula , dead flower , buttercupflamenquilla , tufted or marigoldCalendula officinalis , perennial plant native to southern Europe belonging to the botanical family Asteraceae . The flowers of this plant were already widely used since ancient times in all kinds of home remedies due to the benefits and medicinal properties of calendula.

Calendula or tufted flowers  , which are very showy in yellow and orange colors, are used in natural remedies both internally and externally and below we will give you some examples of how to use calendula to maintain or regain health.

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Calendula active principles and medicinal properties

Among the active components of marigold or calendula we can highlight its essential oil, mucilages, flavonoids, saponins, carotenoids and bitter principles.

These compounds confer on flamenquilla or tufted different medicinal actions: antiseptic, vasodilator, anti-inflammatory, healing, antispasmodic, Vulnerary, antiviral, sudorific, anti-hemorrhagic, digestive and fungicidal.

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Calendula benefits and uses in home remedies

Calendula can be applied externally and locally to improve skin conditions such as: psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, irritations, corns, minor burns, acne, blisters, boils, diaper irritation, abscesses, cracked skin or insect bites. A very simple way is to make calendula oil, I leave the link a little higher on the right so you can do it at home. Along with aloe vera or aloe  and witch hazel , calendula is a very good medicinal plant for the skin.

Use the infusion of tufted or calendula to relieve digestive system ailments such as gastritis, ulcers, poor digestion, constipation or gastroenteritis.

How to prepare the marigold or calendula infusion : in a cup put a teaspoon of calendula leaves and add 250 ml of very hot water, but not boiling. Cover and let stand 5 minutes. Then we strain and drink little by little as it cools down. You can sweeten the marigold infusion with stevia , agave or yacon syrup , cinnamon .

Calendula was traditionally used to combat fatigue and tiredness .

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calendula benefits Relieve rheumatism, joint and muscle pain with gentle massages with calendula oil.

Another of the medicinal uses of calendula is to improve conditions of the respiratory system such as asthma, cough, cold, bronchitis or mucus.

Relieve painful periods with the infusion of calendula or massaging with the oil.

By making swish or mouthwashes with the infusion of buttercup or calendula we can improve the cases of pyorrhea and   gingivitis and the general health of our mouth.

Calendula infusion can help us fight anemia.

Reduces the symptoms derived from blows, trauma, strains, sprains, etc. like inflammation and pain.

Externally applying the buttercup or calendula we can improve external hemorrhoids .

Calendula can also be prepared in tincture. You can see an example of how to prepare tincture of medicinal plants and do it the same but with the marigold flower.

The marigold or calendula is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation.


This is general information. Consult with a health professional if in your particular case it is beneficial to take this plant and how to do it .


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