Callitriche palustris, a plant capable of oxygenating water

Callitriche palustris also known as Water Star . It belongs to the Callitriche family, being endemic to Europe, specifically in the western, southern and central regions.

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From the Latin Paluster, which means swampy, muddy, that lives in those places.

Characteristics of the Callitriche palustris

Perennial, terrestrial or amphibian plant. It can develop stems of about 50 cm in length.

The leaves are oval, deep green in color that help oxygenate the water.

The flowers are small and green that appear in the summer, but have no ornamental value.

The fruits are blackish, obovate, winged at the apex.

Callitriche palustris care

It is a species  that can grow totally or partially submerged in deep waters, since they take root at the bottom.

It requires sunny or semi-shady places. They are resistant to cold.

It requires calm waters, as well as cloudy and clay bottoms.

It is grown as an annual or perennial and can become a pest if its growth is not controlled. For this, the water temperature would have to be checked, since if it increases it could grow excessively.

Transplantation can be done in the pond very easily.

Pruning is done leaving just a few stems.

As for pests and diseases, it does not usually affect it, since it is a very resistant plant.

It multiplies by means of seeds. The seeds require protection from direct sun during midday.

Even cutting a stem and planting it at the bottom of a pond or pot with substrate soil can thrive.

So this beautiful specimen can be a great option for ponds or fish tanks. What do you say? Do you like it?

Now that if you are lucky enough to have this species at home, do not hesitate to give us some tips to make it look spectacular and healthy.

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