Care and cultivation of Mesembriantemos

Mesembriantemoses is a genus belonging to the Aizoaceae family and includes several species that are cultivated under the common name rayito de sol . Keep reading to know its care and cultivation.

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Mesembriantemos care

The Mesembriantemos will thrive very well in sandy soil with little humidity. The compact and moist soil will deteriorate your root system. It grows in a substrate composed of three parts of river surf, four parts of sand and three parts of black earth. Excess humus can impair flowering.

This plant flourishes very well in places where it receives more than 6 hours of direct sunlight in spring. Keep in mind that artificial light does not compensate for the lack of luminosity for the flowering of Mesembriantemos . On the other hand, the water stored in its fleshy leaves allows the plant to overcome prolonged droughts.

The specimens that you grow outdoors will develop very well taking advantage of the rainwater and will not require additional irrigation; those that grow under a roof should be watered every 15 days in the summer and every 30 days in the winter.

Incorporate 50 g of bone meal or 3 g of compound fertilizer type 15-15-15 around each Mesenbriantemos in early spring and mid-summer.

Cultivation of the Mesembriantemos

These species are perfect for growing in temperate or warm temperate climates. Plant outdoors in early spring in sloping, stony, rugged, or sandy soil. Remember to plant 25 cm apart, and water after planting to ensure good contact of the roots with the substrate. Spray with a gibberellic acid solution when spring begins and multiply by cuttings in spring; new plants will bloom when the season ends.

The Mesembriantemos is a plant that lasts for several seasons but it is convenient to renew them every two years. Do not forget that they are very sensitive to cold and, therefore, in open places you will have to protect them from frost. Constantly moist soil affects flowering, so they benefit from a week-long dry spell in mid-spring.

The cultivation of pot Mesembriantemosen requires an annual change of pot in early spring.

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