Care and cultivation of the one-day flower or Hemerocallis

The Hemerocallis, also known as a day flower , groups several species that can be grown in the garden and on the balcony. Its flower only lasts one day and is replaced by a new one the next morning. It is a rhizomatous, herbaceous plant with persistent deciduous foliage according to the species. Its flowers are of varied colors and are arranged at the end of a floral axis.

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Hemerocallis care

It prefers a soil with medium fertility and more than 30 cm deep, drained and acidic; it tolerates clay soils with low fertility. The high humus content produces vigorous bushes with many leaves and little flowering. As for the fertilizer, it is a plant that requires little fertilization, so its flowering improves with 150 g of bone meal per square meter of flowerbed, incorporated around the plant in early spring.

It prefers places with direct sunlight in the morning and shade in the afternoon. Plant it protected from the cold southwest wind because of its great sensitivity to intense frosts. Water moderately weekly during its initial growth, and then water every four days abundantly. Do not water in winter, except in cases of extreme drought.

Hemerocallis cultivation

Hemerocallis is cultivated in different climates according to the species: fulva adapts to temperate and temperate-cold climates, while the flava species prefers warm climates. It grows very well in soils with low humidity or humid but with good drainage. Its outdoor cultivation should be done at the beginning of spring and in autumn.

Remove the soil up to 30 cm deep seven days in advance and spread 200 g of bone meal per square meter on the surface, before planting. Plant keeping the part of the union of the stem with the root 5 cm below the surface and 60 cm apart. During the initial growth period, the soil should be kept slightly moist with moderate watering.

Water every four days profusely in bloom, which begins in the first warm season after planting. Cut off any faded flowers and spread a layer of peat moss between the plants in early winter to protect them from frost.

If you want to propagate Hemerocallis , remove the bushes from the ground every four years to divide it and condition the soil.

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