Caring for the Bidens ferulifolia also known as Yellow Verbena

Bidens ferulifolia also known as Bidens or Yellow Verbena . It belongs to the Asteraceae family of the genus Bidens, which comprises about 200 species. It is originally from northern Mexico and southwestern USA.

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Characteristics of the Bidens ferulifolia

Vivacious plant  with a creeping habit and fast growth. The maximum to grow is about 50 cm in height.

The leaves are evergreen, thin, cut into thread-like segments.

The flowers are yellow, star-shaped (similar to the daisy) with a central ring, where the tiny flowers are located, they have a slight honey aroma. It blooms in the spring.

Caring for the Bidens ferulifolia

It is a species that is used in rockery combined  with Verbenas, Felicias or Agateas. Even in pots for terraces and balconies.

But it can also be planted alone and does not need to be accompanied, since its spectacular flowering can be extraordinary in the garden or green space.

It requires full sun exposure and can withstand some frost that is not -5˚C.

In its natural habitat it grows on sandy soils. But it is not demanding at all, it is only enough that it is well drained.

Irrigation should be frequent in the summer and minimize the rest of the year.

The fertilizer should be periodically, using a fertilizer  rich in nitrogen and potassium so that it grows vigorously.

Pruning is not necessary, although faded flowers should stand out.

It is quite resistant to pests and diseases.

It multiplies from cuttings that are made in the fall or spring, or by seeds sown in the spring.

If this beautiful specimen is acquired, the ideal is that it has open flowers and many buttons to open.

Without a doubt, this plant can stand out wherever it is placed. So if you have plans on the doorstep to bring that garden to life, don’t hesitate to consider Bidens ferulifolia.

What do you think? Do you like it? Have you seen it? Remember how important it is to know everything about these specimens. Therefore, any input is welcome and always appreciated.

Keep in mind that nature is always in our favor, so let’s value everything.

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